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A Hybrid Learning Algorithm Fusing STDP with GA based Explicit Delay Learning for Spiking Neurons

Johnston, SP, Prasad, G, Maguire, Liam and McGinnity, TM (2006) A Hybrid Learning Algorithm Fusing STDP with GA based Explicit Delay Learning for Spiking Neurons. In: 3rd IEEE International conference on Intelligent Systems, Westminster, London, September 06. IEEE. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

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URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/srchabstract.jsp?tp=&arnumber=4155500&queryText%3DA+hybrid+learning+algorithm+fusing+STDP+with+GA+based+explicit+delay+learning+for+spiking+neurons%26openedRefinements%3D*%26searchField%3DSearch+All

DOI: 10.1109/IS.2006.348493


This paper presents a hybrid learning algorithmfor spiking neural networks (SNNs), referred to as an evolvablespiking neural network (ESNN) paradigm. The algorithmintegrates a supervised and unsupervised learning approach.The unsupervised approach exploits a Spike Timing DependentPlasticity (STDP) mechanism with explicit delay learningfor multiple connections between neurons. Supervision of thesynaptic delays and the excitatory/inhibitory connections isgoverned by a genetic algorithm (GA), while the STDP rule isfree to operate in its normal unsupervised manner. A spike trainencoding/decoding scheme is developed for the algorithm. Theapproach is validated by application to the Iris classificationproblem.

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