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DAN SHIPSIDES - Pan 360 - Landscape


Pan 360 - Landscape

This ongoing series of short, landscape based, video works are made by attaching a modified camera to a leash and whirling it through the space above and around my body. This simple activity of production dissolves conventional landscape scenes or views into sequences of dramatic visual activity where the landscape image is literally put into a spin. The raw video-scapes combine both the performative activity with the beautiful concordant / discordant footage of the environment.

Through this, it merges the figure and the landscape within a spatial narrative that is not constructed on the organizing principle of the static frame and single viewpoint but on the physicality of actions in the landscape embedded with functional technology.

This ongoing series currently consists of the following works:


Spitzhorn 360
2005 DVD 1.50min


Bryant Park 360
2006 DVD 1.50min


Cap de Sant Antonio 360
2006 DVD


Coir' a' Ghrunnda 360
2007 DVD 1.50min

Aillade, Burren 360
2007 DVD 1.45min


Kinder Scout 360
2007 DVD 2.03min

Cioch 360
2007 DVD 1.37min


Works to be updated soon:

White Park Bay 360
2006 DVD 1.10min

Cregagh Hill 360
2007 DVD 1.56min

Launensee 360
2005 DVD 1.50min

Gyllyngvase Beach 360
2007 DVD 1.56min

Portpatrick 360
2008 DVD 1.55min

Slieve Binnian 360
2008 DVD 2.03min

Burren full moon 360
2008 DVD 1.45min

Ballysallagh 360
2008 DVD 1.58min

Cave Hill 360
2008 DVD 2.01min

Coral Beach 360
2008 DVD 2.06min


Featured in:

Figuring Landscapes Tate Modern + tour 2009. Video programme and symposium. Curator Catherine Elwes.
Ardous intent. (The Hanging) Tulca 2008. Group show (collab. with Neal Beggs and Tibaut Espiau). Galway Arts Centre.