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[in]visible belfast: Alternate Reality Games, Remediation and Literature

Hook, Alan and Barrios-O'Neil, Daniel (2011) [in]visible belfast: Alternate Reality Games, Remediation and Literature. [Body of work]

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URL: http://www.invisiblebelfast.com/


This body of work which comprises of a 6 week Alternative Reality Game which played out across live performances, websites, theatrical productions, print publications, radio broadcasts, video content, and social media platforms explores new authorial roles in the production of mediated experiences. This work is a co-authored vast narrative which tackles ideas or remediation of regional texts and their relationship to the physical spaces of the city.--------------------------------While searching the stacks in the Linen Hall Library, a shy astronomy student stumbles upon a book filled with cryptic clues. Inside, she finds a note addressing her by name.Dear Ana, it reads, in the pleiad, find the multitude;in the city, the universe. And at the heart of the cityyou will find a way out.Good luck to you.Hoping the note has some connection with her father's recent suicide, Ana takes the book home to study more closely. Thus begins her journey into the depths of the infernal labyrinth of Belfast.In May 2011, players of the [in]visible belfast Alternative Reality Game joined Ana's mystery, an experience orchestrated by an anonymous author, that will take you on a circuitous path, through spaces, virtual and real.For a full achive of the game created by players please visit the player generated wiki (http://www.thedarkeststar.org.uk/TheStarFactoryWiki/doku.php?id=start) or the unfiction forum (http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=32153) thread Good luck to you.

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Alternate Reality Games and Literature in Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teachinghttp://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415897723/Book Chapter Barrios-O'Neil, Danielle and Hook, Alan (2012) Alternate Reality Games and Literature: A Beginner's Guide. In: Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching. (Eds: Whitton, Nicola and Moseley, Alex), Routledge, pp. 178-192. ISBN 978-0-415-89772-3 [Book section]UNSPECIFIEDUNSPECIFIED
The Water Clockhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6uANpnwmA8Hook, Alan and Barrios, Danielle (2011) The Water Clock. The Brian Friel Theatre [Performance] The Water Clock is a networked, interactive theatre production, this piece unfolds across spaces and locations both within the theatre and the internet. This work utilises media feedback loops, and user/audience generated content to inform the development of the production. It was first performed by the Ciliaris Arts Collective on the 27th of May in the QFT's Brian Friel Theatre and environs, and supported by Queens Quater Weekends.The audience were asked to document the first act of the play, as they experienced the events unfold in different orders, they were issued with video cameras, and asked to use mobile phones, still photography and images to record their experiences. This footage was then used both within the second act of the play to create an overlay on stage, but also edited together into a final film. This film is a lasting document of the events which unfold in Act 1 of The Water Clock and also question the assemblage of sequential and non-sequential narrative architectures.UNSPECIFIEDUNSPECIFIED
[in]visible belfasthttp://www.invisiblebelfast.com/[in]visible belfast is an alternate reality game, or ARG, devised by Alan Hook and Danielle Barrios of the University of Ulster which ran from 12th May to the 19th June.The game is based around and adapted from the writings of Belfast author Ciaran Carson, and was designed to immersively draw players into the multilayered realities of the city. For six weeks players followed Ana Kuipers (a fictional character), a student of astronomy, on a mysterious quest through the labyrinth of Belfast to answer the question asked in the game’s first chapter: What lies at the heart of the city? The [in]visible belfast ARG endorses translation, collaboration, and various modes of networked cultures both digital and analogue; it conceives Belfast as a complexity constructed of many interlinked histories, whose interactions produce fascinating and unusual forms. The interconnections and linkages that the game forms through its interaction with the players can be an educational tool, a form of “edu-tainment” that highlights writer Ciaran Carson and Belfast history, engaging students and non-students with the rich culture of the city as a part of the Belfast Book Festival. [in]visible belfast is designed to be a flagship project in the literary arts, giving rise to further innovative projects that forefront the literature of Belfast, and creating and fostering progressively more avenues for dynamic education in the city.UNSPECIFIEDUNSPECIFIED
Constellations of Belfasthttps://crescentarts.ticketsolve.com/shows/126516374/eventsConstellations of Belfast is a story making and telling game event based around Belfast as space and place. On the final night of the Belfast Book Festival, this collaborative story writing and transcribing event with literary stars of Belfast (Glen Patterson and Ciaran Carson) in a circus for the creative soul. This event invites the audience to explore Belfast as game-space and interactive art-spaceUNSPECIFIEDUNSPECIFIED
Date:1 May 2011
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