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Tidal Wings

Sander, Ralf (2008) Tidal Wings. Titanic Quarter [Artefact]

[img] Image (JPEG) (Tidal Sculpture for Belfast, competition)
[img] Image (JPEG) (Tidal Sculpture for Belfast, competition)
[img] Image (JPEG) (Tidal Sculpture for Belfast, competition)

URL: http://www.ralfsander.info/#!tidalwater-projects/c17fa


Tidal Wings was a shortlisted and not realized contribution for Belfast, Titanic Quarter.I use water as a subject and a territory for my research about alternative forms of communication and understanding of sculpture. Water is a social and cultural issue. Presence and absence of water shaped cultures and their arts. It is so essential to life, so inherently symbolic and so infinitely variable but hardly explored through the Art.The rhythm of Water and Moon has been important to cultures around the world since the dawn of time and they are still influential for us. Tidal WingsTidal Wings is a sculpture that combines cutting edge design and technology with an ancient knowledge of the Earth's natural rhythms.It is a beacon for a sustainable future; reconnecting people with natural rhythm of the Sea and the Moon. It will change the way we consider time and understand our planet.The Titanic Quarter in Belfast will have the largest tidal sculpture in the world.Description of the object Tidal Wings is a tidal clock, which consists of ten stainless steel wings. The Moon creates the tides and Tidal Wings transforms the tide’s kinetic energy. By looking at how the wings are opening, you can follow the water and Moon’s movements, its current phase and the ebb and flow of the tides. Conventional kinetic sculptures are powered by wind or electricity,Tidal Wings will be powered directly by the tides; it needs no complicated technology and no further maintenance.The ideaA waterside landmark and a public sculpture, Tidal Wings unites art, science and spirituality and is an ever-changing reminder of the natural cycles that have shaped our past and will determine our future.In these days of fast changing, throwaway consumer cultures, I want Tidal Wings to be a beacon for a more sustainable future.Durable materials and simplicity of design will demonstrate efficiency, longevity and maintainability for future generations.Relation to History In the past, tidal fish traps where used to win food from Belfast Lough. The tides determined the rhythm of people and they influenced the whole shipbuilding industry.As industrial progress and decline determined and shaped our past, efficientand intelligent use of energy will determine our future. Renewable Energy / SustainabilityTidal Wings is self-sufficient in all power requirements from the very elements it is designed to measure and to demonstrate the extreme simple possibility of using the unlimited source of clean power of the Sea. The efficient use of renewable energy is one of the project's primary objectives. The Relation of Art, Public and Science Tidal Wings is art that is meaningful. Tidal Wings harnesses the power of the sea to create an inspiring and informing public landmark.Tidal Wings takes people on a journey of rediscovery of the natural rhythm and relation between the Moon, the tides and a planet dominated by water.Slow TimeTidal Wings is a timepiece. The sculpture represents a return to longevity and to a cyclical measure of time more in keeping with the natural world. RegenerationTidal Wings will be an international icon and will draw visitors. It is a multi-visit attraction: because of its ever-changing state, people will come back time and time again and will mean something to everyone, all ages and all cultures.Tidal Wings will give to the community a new, future oriented identity in many ways to come, playing a major role in continued economic and social regeneration.

Item Type:Artefact
Faculties and Schools:Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment > Belfast School of Art
Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment
Research Institutes and Groups:Art and Design Research Institute > Creative Ecologies
Art and Design Research Institute
Location:Titanic Quarter
Location:Belfast Harbour
Date:5 May 2008
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Deposited By: Mr Ralf Sander
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