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Repository FAQs

About the Ulster Institutional Repository (UIR)

What is an Institutional Repository? What is the UIR?

Open Access

What is meant by the term Open Access? What are research funders' policies on Open Access? What are publishers' policies on Open Access? What is self-archiving?

Open Access and REF

What is REF? What is HEFCE's Open Access Policy for REF? What are the REF open access deposit requirements? What are the REF OA discovery requirements? Are there any exceptions to the REF open access requirements? What is the date of acceptance? Where can I get advice on the OA Policy of my publisher? What happens if my output is not compliant with the OA policy? Who can I speak to about OA for REF? What are the benefits of making my research Open Access? What type of outputs are within the scope of the open access policy for REF? What type of outputs are outside the scope of the open access policy for REF? How do embargo periods affect the REF OA requirements? In addition, you will also find some useful FAQs available on the HEFCE REF site.

Benefits of the UIR

What are the benefits of including my work in the UIR? What evidence is there that the UIR will improve my citation rates?


Who can deposit items in the UIR? What about co-authored/co-created work? Can items be deposited that were created before a member of staff became affiliated with Ulster? What happens to items in the UIR when a member of staff leaves Ulster?

Depositing Items

What type of research can be deposited in the UIR? What formats are accepted? I only have printed material. Can I submit this to the UIR? Can items be removed once they have been deposited in the UIR? What are the responsibilities of the creator who is depositing an item? Is special software required to upload materials? Why does metadata need to be attached to the items submitted to the UIR?


Will I be breaking copyright if I put my article in the UIR? How can I check who owns the copyright on my paper?

Usage and Impact

Who can view materials in the UIR? How will people find my article? Will the UIR encourage plagiarism?


Will my deposited items be available permanently in the UIR?