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Benetti, Sara, McCullagh, Denise, Plets, Ruth and Edwards, Robin (2017) Geological Survey of Ireland Research Programme - Short Call 2015, Final Report Past and Modern Environments of Galway Bay. Geological Survey of Ireland. 9 pp. [Research report (external)]


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Westley, K, Plets, R and Quinn, R (2014) Holocene Paleo-Geographic Reconstructions of the Ramore Head Area, Northern Ireland, Using Geophysical and Geotechnical Data: Paleo-Landscape Mapping and Archaeological Implications. Geoarchaeology: An International Journal, 29 (6). pp. 411-430. [Journal article]


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Plets, Gertjan, Verhoeven, Geert, Cheremisin, Dimitry, Plets, Ruth, Bourgeois, Jean, Stichelbaut, Birger, Gheyle, Wouter and De Reu, Jeroen (2012) The deteriorating preservation of the Altai Rock Art: Assessing three-dimensional image-based modelling in rock art reseach and management. Rock Art Research, 29 (2). pp. 139-156. [Journal article]

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Plets, Gertjan, Gheyle, Wouter, Plets, Ruth, Dvornikov, Eduard Pavlovich and Jean, Bourgeois (2011) A Line Through the Sacred Lands of the Altai Mountains: Perspectives on the Altai Pipeline Project. Mountain Research and Development, 31 (4). pp. 372-379. [Journal article]

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Wilson, P, Westley, K, Plets, R and Dempster, M (2011) Radiocarbon dates from the inter-tidal peat bed at Portrush, County Antrim. Irish Geography, 44 . pp. 323-329. [Journal article]


Masson, D.G., Plets, R.M.K., Huvenne, V.A.I, Wynn, R.B. and Bett, B.J. (2010) Sedimentology and depositional history of Holocene sandy contourites on the lower slope of the Faroe-Shetland Channel, northwest of the UK. Marine Geology, 268 . pp. 85-96. [Journal article]


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Plets, Ruth M. K., Dix, Justin K. and Best, Angus I. (2008) Mapping of the buried Yarmouth Roads wreck, Isle of Wight, UK, using a chirp sub-bottom profiler. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY, 37 (2). pp. 360-373. [Journal article]


Plets, Ruth, Dix, Justin, Bastos, Alex and Best, Angus (2007) Characterization of buried inundated peat on seismic (Chirp) data, inferred from core information. ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROSPECTION, 14 (4). pp. 261-272. [Journal article]

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