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Hamilton, Alison, Patterson, Steven, porter, David, Gault, Victor A and Holscher, Christian (2011) Novel GLP-1 mimetics developed to treat type 2 diabetes promote progenitor cell proliferation in the brain. J Neurosci Res, 89 . pp. 481-489. [Journal article]


Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, Flatt, Peter, Patterson, S. and Conlon, J. M. (2010) Insulin-releasing properties of the frog skin peptide B2RP (brevinin-2 related peptide) and its analogues both in vitro and in vivo. REGULATORY PEPTIDES, 164 (1, Sp.). p. 51. [Journal article]

Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter and Conlon, M (2010) Brevinin-2-related peptide and its [D4K] analogue stimulate insulin release in vitro and improve glucose tolerance in mice fed a high fat diet. Hormone and Metabolic Research, 42(9) . pp. 652-656. [Journal article]

Irwin, Nigel, Flatt, Peter, Patterson, Steven and Green, BD (2010) Insulin-releasing and metabolic effects of small molecule GLP-1 receptor agonist 6,7-dichloro-2-methylsulfonyl-3-N-tert-butylaminoquinoxaline. European Journal of Pharmacology, 628 (1-3). pp. 268-273. [Journal article]

Moffett, R. C., Patterson, S. and Flatt, Peter (2010) Effects of Liraglutide on glycaemic control and pancreatic islet morphology in C57BL/KsJ db/db mice with degenerative diabetes. REGULATORY PEPTIDES, 164 (1, Sp.). p. 43. [Journal article]

Taylor, Ashley, Irwin, Nigel, McKillop, Aine, Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter and Gault, Victor (2010) Evaluation of the degradation and metabolic effects of the gut peptide xenin on insulin secretion, glycaemic control and satiety. JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 207 (1). pp. 87-93. [Journal article]


Cuthbertson, J, Patterson, S, O'Harte, FPM and Bell, PM (2009) Investigation of the effect of oral metformin on dipeptidylpeptidase-4 (DPP-4) activity in Type 2 diabetes. DIABETIC MEDICINE, 26 (6). pp. 649-654. [Journal article]

Irwin, Nigel, McClean, Paula, Patterson, Steven, Hunter, Kerry and Flatt, Peter (2009) Active immunisation against gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) improves blood glucose control in an animal model of obesity-diabetes. BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 390 (1). pp. 75-80. [Journal article]

McKillop, Aine, Duffy, NA, Lindsay, JR, Green, BD, Patterson, Steven, O'Harte, Finbarr, Bell, PM and Flatt, Peter (2009) Insulinotropic actions of nateglinide in type 2 diabetic patients and effects on dipeptidyl peptidase-IV activity and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide degradation. European Journal of Endocrinology, 16 (6). pp. 877-885. [Journal article]

Patterson, Steven, Irwin, Nigel, Green, B. D. and Flatt, Peter (2009) Insulinotropic and glucose lowering effects of small molecule GLP-1-receptor agonist 6,7-dichloro-2-methylsulfonyl-3-N-tert-butylaminoquinoxaline. DIABETOLOGIA, 52 (Suppl.). p. 787. [Journal article]


Cuthbertson, J, Patterson, Steven, O'Harte, FPM and Bell, PM (2008) Metformin combined with exogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 gives added benefit by improving acute glycaemic control in type 2 diabetic subjects. In: 44th Annual Meeting of the EASD, Rome. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]


Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2007) Homocysteine-induced impairment of insulin secretion from clonal pancreatic BRIN-BD11 beta-cells is not prevented by catalase. PANCREAS, 34 (1). pp. 144-151. [Journal article]

Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2007) Major metabolic homocysteine-derivative, homocysteine thiolactone, exerts changes in pancreatic beta-cell glucose-sensing, cellular signal transduction and integrity. ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS, 461 (2). pp. 287-293. [Journal article]

Patterson, Steven, Scullion, Siobhan M. J., McCluskey, Janie, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2007) Prolonged exposure to homocysteine results in diminished but reversible pancreatic beta-cell responsiveness to insulinotropic agents. DIABETES-METABOLISM RESEARCH AND REVIEWS, 23 (4). pp. 324-334. [Journal article]


Conlon, J. Michael, Patterson, Steven and Flatt, Peter (2006) Major contributions of comparative endocrinology to the development and exploitation of the incretin concept. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY PART A-COMPARATIVE EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 305A (9). pp. 781-786. [Journal article]

Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter, Brennan, L., Newsholme, P. and McClenaghan, Neville (2006) Detrimental actions of metabolic syndrome risk factor, homocysteine, on pancreatic beta-cell glucose metabolism and insulin secretion. JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 189 (2). pp. 301-310. [Journal article]

Patterson, Steven, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2006) Homocysteine and other structurally-diverse amino thiols can alter pancreatic beta cell function without evoking cellular damage. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS, 1760 (7). pp. 1109-1114. [Journal article]


McClenaghan, Neville, McCluskey, Janie, Flatt, Peter and Patterson, Steven (2004) Homocysteine, a metabolic syndrome risk factor, exerts detrimental effects on insulin secretion and pancreatic beta cell function. DIABETOLOGIA, 47 (Suppl.). p. 466. [Journal article]

Miguel, JC, Patterson, Steven, Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, Mathias, PCF and Flatt, Peter (2004) Time-correlation between membrane depolarization and intracellular calcium in insulin secreting BRIN-BD11 cells: studies using FLIPR. CELL CALCIUM, 36 (1). pp. 43-50. [Journal article]

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