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Haggag, Yusuf, Faheem, Ahmed, Tambuwala, Murtaza, Osman, Mohamed, El-Gizawy, Sanna, O'Hagan, Barry, Irwin, Nigel and McCarron, Paul (2017) Effect of poly(ethylene glycol) content and formulation parameters on particulate properties and intraperitoneal delivery of insulin from PLGA nanoparticles prepared using the double-emulsion evaporation procedure. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, N/A . [Journal article]

Huey, Rachel, O'Hagan, Barry, McCarron, Paul and Hawthorne, Susan (2017) Targeted drug delivery system to neural cells utilizes the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 525 (1). pp. 12-20. [Journal article]

Jain, Shailesh, Smyth, Deborah, O'Hagan, Barry, Heap, John, McMullan, Geoff, Minton, Nigel and Ternan, Nigel (2017) Inactivation of the dnaK gene in Clostridium difficile 630 Delta erm yields a temperature-sensitive phenotype and increases biofilm-forming ability. Scientific Reports, 7 . [Journal article]

Nomikou, N, Curtis, K, McEwan, C, O'Hagan, Barry, Callan, Bridgeen, Callan, J and McHale, AP (2017) A versatile, stimulus-responsive nanoparticle-based platform for use in both sonodynamic and photodynamic cancer therapy. Acta Biomaterialia, 49 . pp. 414-421. [Journal article]

Martinho, Paulo N, Ortin, Yannick, Gildea, Brendan, Gandolfi, Claudio, McKerr, George, O'Hagan, Barry, Albrecht, Martin and Morgan, Grace G (2012) Inducing hysteretic spin crossover in solution. Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), 1 . [Journal article]

Hazekamp, J, Doherty, S, Elsaesser, A, Barnes, Clifford, O'Hagan, Barry, McKerr, George and Howard, Vyvyan (2011) Focussed ion beam milling at grazing incidence angles. Journal of microscopy, 242 (1). pp. 104-10. [Journal article]

Lamers, Edwin, Walboomers, X Frank, Domanski, Maciej, McKerr, George, O'Hagan, Barry, Barnes, Clifford, Peto, Lloyd, Luttge, Regina, Winnubst, Louis A J A, Gardeniers, Han J G E and Jansen, John A (2010) Cryo DualBeam Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopy to Evaluate the Interface Between Cells and Nanopatterned Scaffolds. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 17 (1). pp. 1-7. [Journal article]

McCoy, F, Hurwitz, J, McTavish, N, Paul, I, Barnes, Clifford, O'Hagan, Barry, Odrzywol, K, Murray, J, Longley, D, McKerr, George and Fennell, D A (2010) Obatoclax induces Atg7-dependent autophagy independent of beclin-1 and BAX/BAK. Cell Death and Disease, 1 (12). e108. [Journal article]

McCoy, Francis, Hurwitz, Jane, Chacko, Alex D, Paul, Ian, Liberante, Fabio, O'Hagan, Barry, McKerr, George, Johnston, Patrick and Fennell, Dean A (2009) Resistance to the BH3 peptidomimetic obatoclax in non-small cell lung cancer associated with a block in BCL-2 family post-translational regulation. JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY, 4 (9, Sup). S592. [Journal article]

Barnes, Clifford, O'Hagan, Barry, Howard, Vyvyan and McKerr, G (2007) Verification of cell viability at progressively higher scanning forces using a hybrid atomic force and fluorescence microscope. Journal of microscopy, 228 (Pt 2). pp. 185-9. [Journal article]

O'Hagan, Barry, Doyle, P, Allen, James, Sutton, K and McKerr, George (2004) The effects of atomic force microscopy upon nominated living cells. ULTRAMICROSCOPY, 102 (1). pp. 1-5. [Journal article]

O'Hagan, Barry, Doyle, Peter, Allen, James M, Sutton, Kerry and McKerr, G (2004) The effects of atomic force microscopy upon nominated living cells. Ultramicroscopy, 102 (1). pp. 1-5. [Journal article]

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