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Douglas, Richard, Rippey, Brian and Gormley-Gallagher, Aine (2015) The Applicability of the Distribution Coefficient, KD, Based on Non-Aggregated Particulate Samples from Lakes with Low Suspended Solids Concentrations. PLoS ONE, 70 (7). [Journal article]

Griffiths, David, Macintosh, Katrina A, Forasacco, Elena, Rippey, Brian, Vaughan, Louise, McElarney, Yvonne R and Gallagher, Kevin (2015) Mysis salemaai in Ireland: new occurrences and existing population declines. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, (in pr . xx-xx. [Journal article]


Ryves, David B., Anderson, N. John, Flower, Roger J, and Rippey, Brian (2013) Diatom taphonomy and silica cycling in two freshwater lakes and their implications for inferring past lake productivity. Journal of Paleolimnology, 49 (3). pp. 411-430. [Journal article]


Anderson, N. John, Foy, Robert H., Engstrom, Daniel R., Rippey, Brian and Alamgir, Farah (2012) Climate forcing of diatom productivity in a lowland, eutrophic lake: White Lough revisited. Freshwater Biology, 57 . [Journal article]

Foley, Brian, Jones, Ian D., Maberly, Stephen C and Rippey, Brian (2012) Long-term changes in oxygen depletion in a small temperate lake: effects of climate change and eutrophication. Freshwater Biology, 57 (2). pp. 278-289. [Journal article]


Rippey, Brian (2010) A model for the concentration of lead and polychlorinated biphenyls in lake sediment. Journal of Paleolimnology, 43 . pp. 565-576. [Journal article]


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Kelly, M, Juggins, S, Guthrie, R, Jamieson, J, Rippey, Brian, Hirst, H and Yallop, M (2008) Assessment of ecological status in UK rivers using diatoms. Freshwater Biology, 53 . pp. 403-422. [Journal article]

Neale, M and Rippey, B (2008) A comparison of environmental and biological site classifications for the prediction of macroinvertebrate communities of lakes in Northern Ireland. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 18 . pp. 729-741. [Journal article]

Rippey, Brian, Anderson, N J, Renberg, I and Korsman, T (2008) The accuracy of methods used to estimate the whole-lake accumulation rate of organic carbon, major cations, phosphorus and heavy metals in sediment. Journal of Paleolimnology, 39 . pp. 83-99. [Journal article]


Rippey, Brian, Rose, N, Yang, H, Harrard, S, Robson, M and Travers, S (2007) An assessment of toxicity in profundal lake sediment due to deposition of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants from the atmosphere. Environment International, 34 . pp. 345-356. [Journal article]


Rippey, B and Douglas, RW (2004) Reconstructing regional-scale lead contamination of the atmosphere (1850-1980) in the United Kingdom and Ireland using lake sediments. GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES, 18 (4). GB4026. [Journal article]

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Douglas, RW, Rippey, B and Gibson, CE (2002) Interpreting sediment trap data in relation to the dominant sediment redistribution process in a lake. ARCHIV FUR HYDROBIOLOGIE, 155 (4). pp. 529-539. [Journal article]

Douglas, Richard, Rippey, Brian and Gibson, Chris (2002) Mechanisms of contaminant transport in lakes. Internationale Vereinigung fur Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen, 27 (7). pp. 3907-3910. [Journal article]

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Douglas, RW and Rippey, B (2000) The random redistribution of sediment by wind in a lak. LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 45 (3). pp. 686-694. [Journal article]

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