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Book section

Goulart, Pedro, Bedi, Arjun S and Eaton, Martin (2014) Trabalho Infantil em Portugal (Child Labour in Portugal). In: A Economia Portuguesa na Uniao Europeia: 1986-2010 (The Portuguese Economy in the European Union: 1986-2010). (Eds: Alexandre, Fernando, Bacao, Pedro, Lains, Pedro, Martins, Manuel M F, Portela, Miguel and Simoes, Marta), Conjuntura Actual Editora, Coimbra, Portugal, pp. 357-368. ISBN 978-989-694-078-2 [Book section]

Eaton, Martin (2009) Child Labor in Portuguese Textiles. In: The World of Child Labor: an historical and regional survey. (Eds: Hindman, Hugh D), M E Sharpe, Armonk, New York, pp. 652-653. ISBN 978-0-7656-1707-1 [Book section]

Eaton, Martin and Goulart, Pedro (2009) Child Labor in Portugal Today. In: The World of Child Labour: an historical and regional survey. (Eds: Hindman, Hugh D), M E Sharpe, Armonk, New York, pp. 649-651. ISBN 978-0-7656-1707-1 [Book section]

Eaton, Martin (2003) Portugal's lusophone African immigrants: colonial legacy in a contemporary labour market. In: The Last Empire: Thirty Years of Portuguese Decolonization. (Eds: Lloyd-Jones, Stewart and Costa Pinto, Antonio), Intellect Books, Bristol, pp. 99-111. ISBN 1-841150-109-3 [Book section]

Eaton, Martin (2002) International Population Mobility, Immigration and Labour Market Change in Portugal. In: Contemporary Portugal. Dimensions of economic and political change. (Eds: Syrett, Stephen), Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Aldershot, pp. 105-132. ISBN 0 7546 1265 1 [Book section]

Eaton, Martin and Pereira da Silva, Carlos (2000) Traditionale Strukturen und europaischer Markt. Kinderarbeit in der portugiesischen Textilindustrie. In: Die Arbeit der Kinder Kindheitskonzept und Arbeitsteolung zwischen den Generationen. (Eds: Hengst, Heinz and Zeiher, Helga), Juventa Verlag Weinheim und Munchen, Bremen, pp. 101-118. ISBN 3-7799-0207-9 [Book section]

Conference contribution

Eaton, Martin (2012) Supporting GEES undergraduates at Ulster through the use of Senior Student Tutor (SST) workshops. In: HEA STEM Annual conference 2012, Imperial College London/Royal Geographical Society. The Higher Education Academy. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Journal article

Eaton, Martin (2011) Senior Student Tutor (SST) workshops and their impacts upon first year examination performance. Perspectives on Pedagogy and Practice, 2 . pp. 105-114. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2010) Foreign Expatriate Service Provision in Portugal's Algarve. Tourist Studies, 10 (1). pp. 75-92. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2010) Portuguese Migrant Worker Experiences in Northern Ireland's Market Town Economy. Portuguese Studies, 26 (1). pp. 10-26. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin and Goulart, Pedro (2009) Portuguese Child Labour: An Enduring Tale of Exploitation. European Urban and Regional Studies, 16 (4). pp. 439-444. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2007) From Porto to Portadown: Portuguese workers in Northern Ireland's labour market. Portuguese Journal of Social Science, 6 (3). pp. 171-191. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2006) Mission Accomplished? An Evaluation of the Impact of EFTA's Industrial Development Fund on Portugal. International Journal of Iberian Studies, 19 (3). pp. 187-204. [Journal article]

Eastwood, David, Eaton, Martin, Guyer, Claire and Stark, Tom (2001) An Examination of Employment Change in Northern Ireland's Environmental Industry, 1993-2003. European Environment, 11 (4). pp. 197-210. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2001) Lusophone-African Insertions in Portugal's Dual Labour Market. International Journal of Iberian Studies, 14 (3). pp. 157-167. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (2000) La "nouvelle immigration" au Portugal et son impact sur le marche du travail. Mouvements, 12 . pp. 129-132. [Journal article]

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Eaton, Martin (1998) Foreign Residents and Illegal Immigrants in Portugal. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 22 (1). pp. 49-66. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (1998) Portuguese Child Labour: Manufacturing for Change or Continuing Exploitation in the Textiles Industry? Childhood, A Global Journal of Child Research, 5 (3). pp. 325-344. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin and Corkuill, David (1998) Multicultural Insertions in a Small Economy: Portugal's Immigrant Communities. South European Society and Politics, 3 (3). pp. 149-168. [Journal article]

Stark, Tom and Eaton, Martin (1998) Northern Ireland's Environmental Industry: Employment Forecasts to the Year 2000. Regional Studies, 32 (6). pp. 566-571. [Journal article]

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Eaton, Martin (1995) British Expatriate Service Provision in Spain's Costa del Sol. The Service Industries Journal, 15 (2). pp. 251-266. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (1994) Regional Development Funding in Portugal. Journal of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, 7 (2). pp. 36-46. [Journal article]

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Eaton, Martin (1993) Portugal: the Spatial Impact of the EFTA Industrial Development Fund. Geoforum, 24 (4). pp. 423-433. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (1991) Industrial Assistance in Portugal: The Role of the EFTA Fund. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 82 (3). pp. 163-176. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (1991) The Industrialisation of Textile and Clothing Firms in Central Portugal. Journal of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, 4 (2). pp. 47-57. [Journal article]

Eaton, Martin (1990) A Difficult Time for Central Portugal's Textile Industry: Depression or Recovery on the Road to International Production? Iberian Studies, 19 (1 & 2). pp. 95-112. [Journal article]

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