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Akser, M, Bridges, B, Campo, G, Cheddad, A, Curran, KJ, Fitzpatrick, L, Hamilton, L, Harding, J, Leath, T, Lunney, TF, Lyons, F, Ma, M, Macrae, J, Maguire, T, McCaughey, A, McClory, E, McCollum, V, McKevitt, P, Melvin, A, Moore, P, Mulholland, E, Munoz, K, O'Hanlon, G and Roman, L (2017) SceneMaker: creative technology for digital StoryTelling. In: Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation, Proc. of the 5th EAI International Conference on ArtsIT, Interactivity and Game Creation (ArtsIT-2016) and 1st EAI International Conference on Design, Learning and Innovation (DLI-2016). (Eds: Brooks, A.L. and Brooks, E.), Springer, Berlin, pp. 29-38. ISBN 978-3-319-55834-9 [Book section]

Campo, Giuliano (2017) After Theatre, Beyond the Self. A Pedagogy of Life from Stanislavski to Grotowski. Stanislavski Studies, 6 (1). [Journal article]


Campo, Giuliano (2016) The Actor in Pirandello’s Novels. Pirandello Studies, 36 . pp. 85-101. [Journal article]

Campo, Giuliano (2016) Eleonora Duse and the Fall of the European Tradition of Acting: An Historical Overview., in Eleonora Duse and Cenere (Ashes) Centennial Essays, eds. Paul Fryer and Maria Pia Pagani. In: The Silence of Eleonora Duse. McFarland and Co., Jefferson, NC (USA), pp. 15-48. ISBN 978-14-7666-375-3 [Book section]

Campo, Giuliano (2016) Głos i Ciało. Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego, Panstwowa Wysza Szkola Teatralna im. Ludwika Solskiego. Wroclaw-Krakow. 247 pp ISBN 978-83-61835-25-7 [Book (authored)]

Campo, Giuliano (2016) Tides, A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some Broken). Northern Ireland [Artefact]


Campo, Giuliano (2015) O trabalho de Zygmunt Molik sobre o corpo e sobre a voz. (Zygmunt Molik's work on voice and body.). In: Grotowski estados alterados de consciência: teatro, máscara, ritual. GIOSTRI EDITORA LTDA, São Paulo, Brazil, pp. 45-51. ISBN 978-85-8108-652-1 [Book section]

Campo, Giuliano (2015) A arte do ator a possessão: os Estados Alterados de Consciência (ASC) nas suas inter-relações com o Teatro. (The art of the actor and possession: Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) and correlations with Theatre.). In: Grotowski estados alterados de consciência: teatro, máscara, ritual. (Eds: Brondani Aglae, Joice), GIOSTRI EDITORA LTDA, São Paulo, Brazil, pp. 52-143. ISBN 978-85-8108-652-1 [Book section]


Campo, Giuliano and Trasel Martins, Janaina (2014) Cantos rituais de tradição na prática do performer: Jerzy Grotowski, Maud Robart e Thomas Richards. Urdimento, 1 (22). pp. 53-62. [Journal article]


Campo, Giuliano (2013) Grotowski e la Ricezione: lo Spettatore. REPERTÓRIO: Teatro & Dança, 16 (20). pp. 102-111. [Journal article]

Campo, Giuliano (2013) Grotowski e lo Spettatore. liminateatri.it12 pp [Internet publication]


Campo, Giuliano (2012) “Pinocchio by Collodi” performed by Elisabeth Zeindlinger. [Digital or visual media]

Campo, Giuliano (2012) Trabalho de Voz e Corpo de Zygmunt Molik. O Legado de Jerzy Grotowski. Realizacoes Editora. Sao Paulo (Brazil). 302 pp ISBN 978-85-8033-084-7 [Book (authored)]


Campo, Giuliano (2011) Does Nobody Understand? a performance based on James Joyce's Ulysses. [Digital or visual media]


Campo, Giuliano and Molik, Zygmunt (2010) Zygmunt Molik's Voice and Body Work. Routledge London/New York. London. 190 pp ISBN 978-0-415-56847-0 [Book (authored)]


Campo, Giuliano (2009) Giuliano Campo Italian Political Theatre as a Strategy for Theatre Policy: Dario Fo’s Monologues. Humorfest Proceedings, East Carolina University, Department of English, 20 pp [Internet publication]

Campo, Giuliano (2009) Grotowski Theatre and Beyond, conference/symposium and exhibition. University of Kent-Battersea Arts Centre, London-CPR Aberystwyth. [Exhibition]


Campo, Giuliano (2001) • Storia del Gruppo Internazionale l’Avventura / The History of the international group L’Avventura (1982-1985). Annale 2001 Teatro e Storia 23, 2001 (23). pp. 210-230. [Journal article]

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