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Clarke, SA, Choi, SY, McKeachie, M, Burke, GA, Dunne, N, Walker, G, Cunningham, E and Buchanan, F (2016) Osteogenic cell response to 3-D hydroxyapatite scaffolds developed via replication of natural marine sponges. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 27 (22). [Journal article]

Harrison, Emma, Nicol, James R., Macias-Montero, Manuel, Burke, George, Coulter, Jonathan A., Meenan, Brian and Dixon, Dorian (2016) A comparison of gold nanoparticle surface co-functionalization approaches using Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and the effect on stability, non-specific protein adsorption and internalization. MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING C-BIOMIMETIC AND SUPRAMOLECULAR SYSTEMS, 62 . pp. 710-718. [Journal article]


Harwood, KJ, Meenan, BJ and Burke, GA (2015) The Development of Plasma Modified Electrospun Poly(L-Lactide-Co-D, L-Lactide) Matrices for the Treatment of Corneal Scarring. Tissue Engineering Part A, 21 (S1). S210-S210. [Journal article]

Porter, P, Sorkio, A, Juuti-Uusitalo, K, Meenan, BJ, Skottman, H and Burke, GA (2015) Surface modified biodegradable electrospun membranes as a carrier for human embryonic stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelial cells. Tissue Engineering Part A., 21 (17-18). pp. 2301-2314. [Journal article]

Rogan, F, Davis, L, Crawford, P, Richards, L, McCartney, B, DiMaio, R and Burke, GA (2015) Cardiac myocardial damage associated with resuscitation. Resuscitation, 96 (S 1). p. 115. [Journal article]


Davison, Gareth, De Vito, Giuseppe, Hughes, Ciara, Burke, GA, McEneny, J, Brown, D, McClean, CM and Fogarty, M (2014) Mitochondrial DNA Damage Following Isolated Muscle Exercise: A Preliminary Investigation Into HO-1 Gene Expression. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, 46 (3). S232-S233. [Journal article]

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McCafferty, Mura, Burke, GA and Meenan, BJ (2013) Mesenchymal stem cell response to conformal sputter deposited calcium phosphate thin films on nanostructured titanium surfaces. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, TBD . [Journal article]


Burke, G, Rea, C, Horgan, F, Turkington, M, Boyd, AR and Meenan, BJ (2012) Osteoblast-like cell response to calcium phosphate coatingchemistry and morphology on etched silicon surfaces. Journal of Materials Science:Materials in Medicine, Journa . pp. 835-851. [Journal article]

D'Sa, RA, Raj, J, McMahon, MA, McDowell, DA, Burke, G and Meenan, BJ (2012) Atmospheric pressure plasma induced grafting of poly(ethylene glycol) onto silicone elastomers for controlling biological response. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 375 . pp. 193-202. [Journal article]

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McManus, L, Boyd, A, Burke, GA and Meenan, BJ (2011) Raman spectroscopy of primary bovine aortic endothelial cells: a comparison of single cell and cell cluster analysis. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 22 . pp. 1923-1930. [Journal article]

McManus, L L, Burke, GA, Boyd, A, Meenan, BJ, O'Hare, P, McCafferty, M and Modreanu, M (2011) Raman spectroscopic monitoring of the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. The Analyst, 136 . pp. 2471-2481. [Journal article]

Ormsby, R, McNally, T, O'Hare, P, Burke, GA, Mitchell, C and Dunne, N (2011) Fatigue and biocompatibility properties of a poly(methyl methacrylate) bonecement with multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Acta Biomaterialia, 8 . pp. 1201-1212. [Journal article]

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Boyd, A, Burke, GA, O'Kane, C, Holmberg, M, Kingshott, P and Meenan, BJ (2010) Sputter deposited bioceramic coatings: surface characterisation and initial protein adsorption studies using surface-MALDI-MS. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 22 . pp. 71-84. [Journal article]

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McClean, Conor, McLaughlin, JAD, Burke, GA, Murphy, Marie, Trinick, Tom, Duly, Ellie and Davison, Gareth (2007) The effect of acute aerobic exercise on pulse wave velocity and oxidative stress following postprandial hypertriglyceridemia in healthy men. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 100 . pp. 225-234. [Journal article]


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