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Maguire, Paul, Rutherford, David, Macias-Montero, Manuel, Mahony, Charles, Kelsey, Colin, Tweedie, M, Perez-Martin, F, McQuaid, Harold, Diver, Declan and Mariotti, Davide (2017) Continuous In-Flight Synthesis for On-Demand Delivery of Ligand-Free Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles. Nano Letters, 17 (3). pp. 1336-1343. [Journal article]


Bennet, E.D., Mahony, CMO, Potts, H.E., Everest, P., Rutherford, D., Askari, S., McDowell, Da, Mariotti, D, Kelsey, C., Perez-Martin, F., Hamilton, N., Maguire, P and Diver, D.A. (2016) Precision charging of microparticles in plasma via the Rayleigh instability for evaporating charged liquid droplets. Journal of Aerosol Science, 100 . 53 - 60. [Journal article]


Maguire, Paul, Mahony, CMO, Kelsey, Colin, Bingham, AJ, Montgomery, EP, Bennet, ED, Potts, HE, Rutherford, DCE, McDowell, D A, Diver, DA and Mariotti, D (2015) Controlled microdroplet transport in an atmospheric pressure microplasma. Applied Physics Letters, 106 . p. 224101. [Journal article]


Marić, D, Škoro, N, Maguire, PD, Mahony, CMO, Malović, G and Petrović, Z Lj (2012) On the possibility of long path breakdown affecting the Paschen curves for microdischarges. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 21 (3). 035016. [Journal article]


Baby, A, Mahony, CMO, Lemoine, P and Maguire, PD (2011) Acetylene–argon plasmas measured at an rf-biased substrate electrode for diamond-like carbon deposition: II. Ion energy distributions. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 20 (015004). [Journal article]

Baby, A, Mahony, CMO and Maguire, PD (2011) Acetylene–argon plasmas measured at a biased substrate electrode for diamond-like carbon deposition: I. Mass spectrometry. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 20 (015003). [Journal article]

Denieffe, K, Mahony, CMO, Maguire, PD, Gahan, D and Hopkins, M B (2011) Retarding field energy analyser ion current calibration and transmission. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 44 (075205). [Journal article]

Greenan, J, Mahony, CMO, Mariotti, D and Maguire, PD (2011) Characterization of hollow cathode and parallel plate microplasmas: scaling and breakdown. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 20 (2). 025011. [Journal article]

Petrovic, ZLJ, Maguire, PD, Radmilovic-Radjenovic, MR, Puac, N, Maric, D, Mahony, CMO and Malovic, G (2011) On Application of Plasmas in Nanotechnologies. In: Nanotechnology for Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy. Springer, pp. 131-152. ISBN 978-1-4419-7234-7 [Book section]

Rahman, Md. A, Soin, N, Maguire, PD, D'Sa, R, Roy, SS, Mahony, CMO, Lemoine, P, McCann, R, Mitra, SK and McLaughlin, JAD (2011) Structural and surface energy analysis of nitrogenated ta-C films. Thin Solid Films, 520 (1). pp. 294-301. [Journal article]


Mahony, CMO, Gans, T, Graham, WG, Maguire, PD and Petrovic, Z Lj (2008) Ultrasmall radio frequency driven microhollow cathode discharge. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 93 (1). 011501. [Journal article]

Petrovic, Z Lj, Skoro, N, Maric, D, Mahony, CMO, Maguire, PD, Radmilovic-Radenovic, M and Malovic, G (2008) Breakdown, scaling and volt-ampere characteristics of low current micro-discharges. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, 41 (19). p. 194002. [Journal article]

Tweedie, M, Soin, N, Kumari, P, Roy, SS, Mathur, A, Mahony, CMO, Papakonstantinou, P and McLaughlin, JAD (2008) The use of nanotube structures in reducing the turn-on voltage in micro-discharges and micro-gas sensors - art. no. 70370Z. In: CARBON NANOTUBES AND ASSOCIATED DEVICES, San Diego, USA. SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING. Vol 7037 15 pp. [Conference contribution]


Soin, N, Roy, SS, Mahony, CMO, Maguire, PD and McLaughlin, JAD (2007) Experimental Study of CNT based DC Plasma Devices (E-Nose). In: DESYGN IT Nanotube Workshop, Queen Mary University of London. -. [Conference contribution]


Petrovic, Z Lj, Malovic, G, Radmilovic-Radjenovic, M, Puac, N, Maric, D, Maguire, PD and Mahony, CMO (2006) The role of non-equilibrium plasmas and micro-discharges in top down nanotechnologies and selforganized assembly of nanostructures. In: 25th International Conference on Microelectronics, Vols 1 and 2, Proceedings, Belgrade, Serbia. UNSPECIFIED. 7 pp. [Conference contribution]


Mahony, CMO, Maguire, PD and Graham, WG (2005) Electrical characterization of radio frequency discharges. PLASMA SOURCES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 14 (2). S60-S67. [Journal article]


Mariotti, D, Maguire, PD, Mahony, CMO and McLaughlin, JAD (2004) Analysis of excitation processes and electron temperature changes from spectral data in a dc micro plasma discharge. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 13 (4). pp. 576-581. [Journal article]

Rieger, R, Taylor, J, Comi, E, Donaldson, N, Russold, M, Mahony, CMO, McLaughlin, JAD, McAdams, ET, Demosthenous, A and Jarvis, JC (2004) Experimental determination of compound action potential direction and propagation velocity from multi-elctrode nerve cuffs. Medical Engineering & Physics, 26 (6). pp. 531-534. [Journal article]


Escoffier, C, Maguire, PD, Mahony, CMO, Graham, WG, McAdams, ET and McLaughlin, JAD (2002) Plasma chloriding of thin-film silver - A novel process in silver-silver chloride reference electrode fabrication. JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 149 (4). H98-H102. [Journal article]

Rizvi, SA, Maguire, PD, Mahony, CMO, Okpalugo, OA, Corr, CS, Graham, WG and Morley, SM (2002) Correlation of optical emission and ion flux with GaN etch rate in inductively coupled Ar/Cl2 plasma etching. Physica Status Solidi C (1). pp. 112-115. [Journal article]

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