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Miller, Ian (2018) Medical History (Theory and History series). Palgrave Macmillan. Basingstoke. 185 pp ISBN 978-1352002713 [Book (authored)]


Ian, Miller (2017) Bedwetting, Doctors and the Problematization of Youth in Britain and America, c.1800-1980. Journal of Social History, 52 (2). 0-0. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2017) ‘Starving to Death in Medical Care: Ethics, Food, Emotions and Dying in Britain and America, c.1980-2015’. Biosocieties, 12 (1). pp. 89-108. [Journal article]

Miller, Ian (2017) Experiencing Hunger Striking: Remembering the Maze Prison Hunger Strikes. Irish Review, 51 . pp. 1-15. [Journal article]


David, Durnin and Ian, Miller, eds. (2016) Medicine, Health and Irish Experiences of Conflict, 1914-45. (Medicine, Health and Irish Experiences of Conflict, 1914-45). Manchester. 248 pp. Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0719097850 [Book (edited)]

Miller, Ian (2016) A History of Force Feeding: Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909-74. Palgrave Macmillan. London. 260 pp ISBN 978-3319311128 [Book (authored)]

Miller, Ian (2016) ‘No hanging here’: the persistence of the death penalty in twentieth-century ireland. In: Grave Matters: Death and Dying in Dublin, 1500 to the Present. Four Courts Press, Dublin, pp. 94-107. ISBN 978-1846826016 [Book section]

Miller, Ian (2016) Pain, Trauma and Memory in the Irish War of Independence: Remembering and Contextualising Irish Suffering. In: The Body in Pain in Irish Literature and Culture. (Eds: Dillane, Fionnuala, McAreavey, Naomi and Pine, Emilie), Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 117-134. ISBN 978-3319313870 [Book section]


Ian, Miller (2015) Impact: Population, Mortality and Emigration. In: La Grande Famine en Irelande. Agrégation Anglais externe et interne. Atlande, pp. 137-154. ISBN 9782350302799 [Book section]

Ian, Miller (2015) Nutritional Decline in Post-Famine Ireland, c.1845-1922. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 115C . pp. 1-17. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2015) Water: A Global History. Reaktion Books. 144 pp ISBN 9781780234566 [Book (authored)]

Miller, Ian (2015) Suffragette Hunger Strikes and Their Legacies. In: Suffragette Legacy: How Does the History of Feminism Inspire Current Thinking in Manchester. Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 73-91. ISBN 978-1443880336 [Book section]


Ian, Miller (2014) ‘“A Dangerous Revolutionary Force Amongst Us”: Conceptualising Working-Class Tea Drinking in the British Isles, c.1860-1900’. Cultural and Social History, 10:3 . pp. 419-438. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2014) A Prostitution of the Profession”? Forcible Feeding, Suffrage and Medical Ethics, 1909-14’. Social History of Medicine, 26:2 . pp. 225-245. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2014) Reforming Food in Post-Famine Ireland: Medicine, Science and Improvement, 1845-1922. Manchester University Press. 256 pp ISBN 978-0719088865 [Book (authored)]

Ian, Miller (2014) Constructing Moral Hospitals: Childhood Health in Irish Reformatories and Industrial Schools, c.1851-1890’. In: Growing Pains: Childhood Illness in Irish History, 1750-1950. (Eds: Anne, Mac Lellan), Irish Academic Press, pp. 105-122. ISBN 978-0716531739 [Book section]

Miller, Ian (2014) Food, Medicine and Institutional Life in the British Isles, c.1790-1900. In: Routledge History of Food. Routledge, pp. 200-219. ISBN 978-0415628471 [Book section]


Ian, Miller (2013) The Chemistry of Famine: Nutritional Controversies and the Irish Famine c.1845-7’. Medical History, 56:4 . pp. 444-462. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2013) Feeding in the Workhouse: The Institutional and Ideological Functions of Food, c.1834-70. Journal of British Studies, 52.4 . pp. 940-962. [Journal article]


Ian, Miller (2011) Evangelicalism and the Early Vegetarian Movement c.1847-1860’. Journal of Religious History, 35:2 . pp. 199-210. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2011) A Modern History of the Stomach: Gastric Illness, Medicine and British Society, 1800-1950. Pickering and Chatto. 208 pp ISBN 978-1848931817 [Book (authored)]


Ian, Miller (2010) The Mind and Stomach at War: Stress, British Society and the Second World War’. Medical History, 54:1 . pp. 95-110. [Journal article]

Ian, Miller (2010) Representations of Suicide in Urban North-West England c.1870-1910: The Formative Role of Respectability, Class, Gender and Morality’. Mortality, 15:3 . pp. 191-213. [Journal article]


Ian, Miller (2009) Necessary Torture? Digestive Physiology, Vivisection, the Suffragette Movement and Responses to New Forms of Clinical Practice in Britain c.1870-1920. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 64 (3). pp. 333-372. [Journal article]

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