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Gibson, DS, Drain, Stephen, Kelly, Catriona, McGilligan, VE, McClean, PL, Atkinson, SD, Murray, EK, McDowell, A., Conway, C., Watterson, Steven and Bjourson, AJ (2017) Coincidence versus consequence: opportunities in multi-morbidity research and inflammation as a pervasive feature. Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]

Wood, Henry, Daly, Catherine, Chalkley, Rebecca, Senguven, Burcu, Ross, Lisa, Egan, Philip, Chengot, Preetha, Graham, Jennifer, Sethi, Neeraj, Ong, Thian K, MacLennan, Kenneth, Rabbitts, Pamela and Conway, Caroline (2017) The genomic road to invasion - examining the similarities and differences in the genomes of associated oral pre-cancer and cancer samples. Genome Medicine, ? . ?-?. [Journal article]


Egan, Philip, Drain, Stephen, Conway, Caroline, Bjourson, Tony and Alexander, H. Denis (2016) Towards Stratified Medicine in Plasma Cell Myeloma. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 17 (10). p. 1760. [Journal article]


Conway, C., Graham, jennifer, Chengot, Preetha, Daly, Catherine, Chalkley, Rebecca, Ross, Lisa, Droop, Alastair, Rabbitts, Pamela and Stead, Lucy F. (2015) Elucidating drivers of oral epithelial dysplasia formation and malignant transformation to cancer using RNAseq. Oncotarget, epub . [Journal article]

Samman, M, Wood, HM,, Conway, C., Stead, L, Daly, C, Chalkley, R, Berri, S, Senguven, B, Ross, L, Egan, P, Chengot, P, Ong, TK, Pentenero, M, Gandolfo, S, Cassenti, A, Cassoni, P, Samkari, A, Barrett, W, Maclennan, K, High, A and Rabbitts, P (2015) A novel genomic signature reclassifies an oral cancer subtype. International Journal of Cancer, TBC . [Journal article]

Wood, Henry M, Conway, Caroline, Daly, Catherine, Chalkley, Rebecca, Berri, Stefano, Senguven, Burcu, Stead, Lucy, Ross, Lisa, Egan, Philip, Chengot, Preetha, Graham, Jennifer, Sethi, Neeraj, Ong, Thian K, High, Alec, MacLennan, Kenneth and Rabbitts, Pamela (2015) The clonal relationships between pre-cancer and cancer revealed by ultra-deep sequencing. The Journal of pathology, TBC . [Journal article]


Jewell, R, Elliott, F, Laye, J, Nsengimana, J, Davies, J, Walker, C, Conway, C, Mitra, A, Harland, M, Cook, MG, Boon, A, Storr, S, Safuan, S, Martin, SG, Jirström, K, Olsson, H, Ingvar, C, Lauss, M, Bishop, T, Jönsson, G and Newton-Bishop, J (2014) The clinicopathological and gene expression patterns associated with ulceration of primary melanoma. Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research, Articl . [Journal article]

Samman, M, Wood, H, Conway, C., Berri, S, Pentenero, M, Gandolfo, S, Cassenti, A, Cassoni, P, Al Ajlan, A, Barrett, AW, Chengot, P, MacLennan, K, High, AS and Rabbitts, P (2014) Next-generation sequencing analysis for detecting human papillomavirus in oral verrucous carcinoma. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, 118 (1). [Journal article]


Stead, LF, Egan, P, Devery, A, Conway, C, Daly, C, Berri, S, Wood, H, Belvedere, O, Papagiannopoulos, K, Ryan, A and Rabbitts, P (2013) An integrated inspection of the somatic mutations in a lung squamous cell carcinoma using next-generation sequencing. PLoS One, 11 (8). [Journal article]


Belvedere, Ornella, Berri, Stefano, Chalkley, Rebecca, Conway, Caroline, Barbone, Fabio, Pisa, Federica, MacLennan, Kenneth, Daly, Catherine, Alsop, Melissa, Morgan, Joanne, Menis, Jessica, Tcherveniakov, Peter, Papagiannopoulos, Kostas, Rabbitts, Pamela and Wood, Henry M. (2012) A computational index derived from whole-genome copy number analysis is a novel tool for prognosis in early stage lung squamous cell carcinoma. Genomics, 99 (1). p. 18. [Journal article]

Conway, Caroline, Chalkley, Rebecca, High, Alec, Maclennan, Kenneth, Berri, Stefano, Chengot, Preetha, Alsop, Melissa, Egan, Philip, Morgan, Joanne, Taylor, Graham R., Chester, John, Sen, Mehmet, Rabbitts, Pamela and Wood, Henry M. (2012) Next-Generation Sequencing for Simultaneous Determination of Human Papillomavirus Load, Subtype, and Associated Genomic Copy Number Changes in Tumors. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 14 (2). p. 104. [Journal article]

Jewell, R, Chambers, P, Laye, J, Conway, C., Mitra, A, Elliott, F, Nsengimana, J, Cook, MG, Boon, A and Newton-Bishop, JA (2012) BRAF and NRAS mutations in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) primary melanoma tumours: associations with gene expression profiles, tumour features and prognosis. Journal of Medical Genetics, 49 . S53-S53. [Journal article]

Jewell, R., Chambers, P., Harland, M., Laye, J., Conway, C., Mitra, A., Elliott, F., Cook, M. G., Boon, A. and Newton-Bishop, J. (2012) Clinicopathologic Features of V600E and V600K Melanoma--Letter. Clinical Cancer Research, 18 (24). p. 6792. [Journal article]

Jewell, Rosalyn, Mitra, Angana, Conway, Caroline, Iremonger, James, Walker, Christy, de Kort, Floor, Cook, Martin, Boon, Andy, Speirs, Valerie and Newton-Bishop, Julia (2012) Identification of differentially expressed genes in matched formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded primary and metastatic melanoma tumor pairs. Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research, 25 (2). p. 284. [Journal article]

Stead, Lucy F, Berri, Stefano, Wood, Henry M, Egan, Philip, Conway, Caroline, Daly, Catherine, Papagiannopoulos, Kostas and Rabbitts, Pamela (2012) The transcriptional consequences of somatic amplifications, deletions, and rearrangements in a human lung squamous cell carcinoma. Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.), 14 (11). pp. 1075-86. [Journal article]


Conway, Caroline, Beswick, Samantha, Elliott, Faye, Chang, Yu-Mei, Randerson-Moor, Juliette, Harland, Mark, Affleck, Paul, Marsden, Jerry, Sanders, D. Scott, Boon, Andy, Knowles, Margaret A., Bishop, D. Timothy and Newton-Bishop, Julia A. (2010) Deletion at chromosome arm 9p in relation to BRAF/NRAS mutations and prognostic significance for primary melanoma. Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer, 49 (5). p. 425. [Journal article]

Jewell, R., Conway, C., Mitra, A., Randerson-Moor, J., Lobo, S., Nsengimana, J., Harland, M., Marples, M., Edward, S., Cook, M., Powell, B., Boon, A., de Kort, F., Parker, K. A., Cree, I. A., Barrett, J. H., Knowles, M. A., Bishop, D. T. and Newton-Bishop, J. (2010) Patterns of Expression of DNA Repair Genes and Relapse From Melanoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 16 (21). p. 5211. [Journal article]

Mitra, A, Conway, Caroline, Walker, C, Cook, M, Powell, B, Lobo, S, Chan, M, Kissin, M, Layer, G, Smallwood, J, Ottensmeier, C, Stanley, P, Peach, H, Chong, H, Elliott, F, Iles, M M, Nsengimana, J, Barrett, J H, Bishop, D T and Newton-Bishop, J A (2010) Melanoma sentinel node biopsy and prediction models for relapse and overall survival. British Journal of Cancer, 103 (8). p. 1229. [Journal article]

Wood, H. M., Belvedere, O., Conway, C., Daly, C., Chalkley, R., Bickerdike, M., McKinley, C., Egan, P., Ross, L., Hayward, B., Morgan, J., Davidson, L., MacLennan, K., Ong, T. K., Papagiannopoulos, K., Cook, I., Adams, D. J., Taylor, G. R. and Rabbitts, P. (2010) Using next-generation sequencing for high resolution multiplex analysis of copy number variation from nanogram quantities of DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded specimens. Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (14). e151. [Journal article]


Conway, C., Mitra, A., Jewell, R., Randerson-Moor, J., Lobo, S., Nsengimana, J., Edward, S., Sanders, D. S., Cook, M., Powell, B., Boon, A., Elliott, F., de Kort, F., Knowles, M. A., Bishop, D. T. and Newton-Bishop, J. (2009) Gene Expression Profiling of Paraffin-Embedded Primary Melanoma Using the DASL Assay Identifies Increased Osteopontin Expression as Predictive of Reduced Relapse-Free Survival. Clinical Cancer Research, 15 (22). p. 6939. [Journal article]


Conway, C. (2008) Gene expression profiling in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded primary melanomas. European Journal of Cancer Supplements, 6.9 . p. 106. [Journal article]

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