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Book section

Patrick, Sheila and McDowell, Andrew (2013) Propionibacterium acnes: an emerging pathogen in biomaterial-associated infection. In: Biomaterials Associated Infection: Immunological Aspects and Antimicrobial Strategies. (Eds: Moriarty, T. F., Zaat, S. A. J. and Busscher, H. J.), Springer, New York, pp. 87-105. ISBN 978-1-4614-1030-0 [Book section]

Patrick, Sheila and McDowell, Andrew (2012) Order XII. Propionibacteriales ord. nov. In: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology: The Actinobacteria, Part B. (Eds: Goodfellow, M., Kampfer, P., Busse, H. -J., Trujillo, M., Suzuki, K.-I., Ludwig, W. and Whitman, W. B.), Springer, New York, pp. 1137-1155. ISBN 978-0-387-95043-3 [Book section]

McDowell, Andrew and Patrick, Sheila (2011) Propionibacterium. In: Molecular Detection of Human Bacterial Pathogens. (Eds: Liu, D.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, pp. 137-154. ISBN 978-1-4398-1238-9 [Book section]

Conference contribution

McDowell, Andrew (2013) Propionibacterium acnes infection of the prostate: a modifiable risk-factor for prostate cancer? In: Society for Anaerobic Microbiology: Diagnosis and clinical impact of anaerobic infections, Public Health England, London, UK. Society for Anaerobic Microbiology. (A3) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Barnard, E., Patrick, S., Fairely, D., Catherwood, M., Martin, L., O'Rourke, D. and McDowell, A. (2012) Application of a novel quantitative-PCR assay to investigate the role of Propionibacterium in the aetiology of prostate cancer. In: Anaerobe 2012; 11th Biennial Congress of the Society of the Americas, San Francisco, CA. Anaerobe Society of the Americas. (PIII-1) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

McDowell, Andrew (2012) Different faces of Propionibacterium acnes infections: insights into inflammatory acne, prostate cancer and biofilm infection. In: 22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID). Official Symposia: The Paradox of Propionibacterium acnes: benign commensal and virulent pathogen, London, UK. 22nd ECCMID c/o Congrex Switerland Ltd. (S432) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Barnard, E., Patrick, S., Fairley, D., Catherwood, M., Martin, L., Shannon, B. and McDowell, A. (2011) Quantitative real-time PCR detection of Propionibacterium acnes in archived prostate tissue. In: Society for General Microbiology Autumn Conference; (YO13) Anaerobe 2011: Anaerobes of the human gastrointestinal microbiota & disease, University of York, UK. SGM publishing. (YO13/0) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Einarsson, G. G., Martin, S. L., Walker, B., Elborn, J. S and McDowell, A. (2008) Degradation of host defence molecules by CF-related pathogens grown as biofilms. In: 31st European Cystic Fibrosis Conference, Prague, Czech Republic. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. (A169) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Patrick, S., McDowell, A., Glenn, J. V. and Tunney, M. M. (2008) Improved detection and treatment of prosthetic joint infection. In: eCM IX Muscoskeletal Trauma: 50 years of AO Research, Davos, Switzerland. European Cells and Materials. Vol 16 (S2) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Field, T. R., McDowell, A., Patrick, S., Elborn, J. S. and Tunney, M. M. (2006) Anaerobic bacteria in cystic fibrosis pulmonary infection. In: 158th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology, University of Warwick. SGM publishing. (MI19) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

McDowell, Andrew, Valanne, Susanna, Tunney, Michael, Maisonneuve, Jean-Francoise, Bhatia, Ajay, Persing, David and Patrick, Sheila (2004) Propionibacterium acnes serotypes I and II represent two phylogenetically distinct subgroups. In: 154th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology, University of Bath. SGM publishing. (CM09) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

McLorinan, G. C., Glenn, J. V., McMullan, M. G., Eames, N., Hamilton, A. H., McDowell, A. and Patrick, S. (2004) Propionibacterium acnes and the intervertebral disc. In: 154th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology, University of Bath. SGM publishing. (PBMG05) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Jones, A. M., Bright-Thomas, R. J., Martin, L., McDowell, A., Moffitt, K., Dodd, M. E., Elborn, J. S. and Webb, A. K. (2003) Is there a difference in inflammatory marker levels between CF patients who harbour sporadic and transmissible strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa? In: 26th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference, Belfast, UK. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. (A131) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Martin, S. L., Mofitt, K., McDowell, A., Walker, B., Elborn, J.S., Bright-Thomas, R., Jones, A. M. and Webb, A. K. (2003) Correlation of cathepsin B-like activity with neutrophil elastase and other markers of inflammation in CF sputum. In: 26th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference, Belfast, UK. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. (A95) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

McManus, T. E., McDowell, A., Moore, J. E., Patterson, C. C. and Elborn, J. S. (2003) A comparison of the organisms isolated from an adult cystic fibrosis population. In: 26th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference, Belfast, UK. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. (A133) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Martin, L., Moffitt, K., McDowell, A., Walker, B., Elborn, J. S., Bright-Thomas, R., Jones, A. M. and Webb, A. K. (2002) A comparison of neutrophil elastase and cathepsin S levels in CF sputum. In: 16th Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference, New Orleans, LA. Paediatric Pulmonology. (S277) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

De Soyza, A., Egan, C., Ellis, C. D., McDowell, A., Elborn, S., De Hormaeche, R. D. and Corris, P. A. (2001) Differential cytokine induction profiles by Burkholderia cepacia genomovars is not explained by LPS chemotypes. In: Winter Meeting of the British Thoracic Society, London, UK. Thorax. Vol 56 (S145) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Scott, C., Martin, L., Vandenbroeck, K., McDowell, A., Lynas, J. F. and Walker, B. (2001) Inhibitors of sortase - potential leads for blocking bacterial adhesion. In: Proteolysis and Biological Control, Cold Spring Harbour, New York. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. (107) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

De Soyza, A., Corris, P. A., Archer, L., McDowell, A., Moore, J., Elborn, S., Dark, J. H. and Gould, K. (2000) Pulmonary transplantation for CF: The effect of B. cepacia genomovars on outcomes. In: Winter Meeting of the British Thoracic Society, London, UK. Thorax. Vol 55 (S35) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

De Soyza, A., Egan, C., Ellis, C. D., McDowell, A., Moore, J., Elborn, S., De Hormaeche, R. and Corris, P. A. (2000) The role of genomovars in Burkholderia cepacia proinflammatory activity. In: Winter Meeting of the British Thoracic Society, London, UK. Thorax. Vol 55 (S36) 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Journal article

Achermann, Yvonne, Liu, Jared, Zbinden, Reinhard, Zingg, Patrick O, Anagnostopoulos, Alexia, Barnard, Emma, Sutter, Reto, Li, Huiying, McDowell, A and Zinkernagel, Annelies S (2017) Propionibacterium avidum – a virulent pathogen causing hip periprosthetic joint infection. Clinical Infectious Diseases, TBC . [Journal article]

Gibson, DS, Drain, Stephen, Kelly, Catriona, McGilligan, VE, McClean, PL, Atkinson, SD, Murray, EK, McDowell, A., Conway, C., Watterson, Steven and Bjourson, AJ (2017) Coincidence versus consequence: opportunities in multi-morbidity research and inflammation as a pervasive feature. Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew (2017) Over a Decade of recA and tly Gene Sequence Typing of the Skin Bacterium Propionibacterium acnes: What Have We Learnt? Microorganisms, 6 (1). [Journal article]

McMenamin, Mary, McKenna, Michael, McDowell, Andrew, Catriona, Dawson and Roisin, McKenna (2017) Intraobserver and Interobserver Reproducibility of CINtec® PLUS in ThinPrep® Cytology Preparations. Cytopathology, TBC . pp. 1-20. [Journal article]

Omer, Hélène, McDowell, Andrew and Alexeyev, Oleg (2017) Understanding the role of Propionibacterium acnes in acne vulgaris: the critical importance of skin sampling methodologies. Clinics In Dermatology, 35 . pp. 118-129. [Journal article]

Patrick, Sheila, McDowell, Andrew, Lee, Andrew, Frau, Alessandra, Martin, Una, Gardiner, Evie, McLorinan, Gregory and Eames, Niall (2017) Pre-spinal surgery skin antisepsis with povidone iodine-alcohol followed by chlorhexidine gluconate-alcohol versus povidone iodine-alcohol applied twice for prevention of surgical wound contamination by bacteria: a randomised, controlled trial. The Bone & Joint Journal, TBC . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]

Barnard, Emma, Liu, Jared, Yankova, Eliza, Cavalcanti, Silvana, M, Magalhães, Marcelo, Li, Huiying, Patrick, Sheila and McDowell, Andrew (2016) Strains of the Propionibacterium acnes type III lineage are associated with the skin condition progressive macular hypomelanosis. Scientific Reports, 6 (31968). [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew, Barnard, Emma, Liu, Jared, Li, Huiying and Patrick, Sheila (2016) Proposal to reclassify Propionibacterium acnes type I as Propionibacterium acnes subsp. acnes subsp. nov. and Propionibacterium acnes type II as Propionibacterium acnes subsp. defendens subsp. nov. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 66 . pp. 5358-5365. [Journal article]

McKenna, Michael, McMenamin, Mary and McDowell, Andrew (2016) HPV16 and HPV18 genotyping triage in young women with borderline cytology or mild dyskaryosis: effect of age on genotype-specific risk of high-grade CIN. Cytopathology, 27 (4). pp. 261-268. [Journal article]

Reihill, J.A., Moreland, M., Jarvis, G.E., McDowell, A., Einarsson, G.G., Elborn, J.S. and Martin, S.L. (2016) Bacterial Proteases and Haemostasis Dysregulation in the CF Lung. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, 16 . pp. 49-57. [Journal article]

Barnard, Emma, Nagy, Istvan, Hunyadkurti, Judit, Patrick, Sheila and McDowell, Andrew (2015) Multiplex Touchdown PCR for Rapid Typing of the Opportunistic Pathogen Propionibacterium acnes. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 53 (4). pp. 1149-1155. [Journal article]

Gahukamble, A.D., McDowell, A., Post, V., Salavarrieta Varela, J., Rochford, E.T., Richards, R.G., Patrick, S. and Moriarty, T.F. (2014) Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus lugdunensis cause pyogenic osteomyelitis in an intramedullary nail model in rabbits. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 52 (5). pp. 1595-1606. [Journal article]

Jahns, Anika C., Lundskog, Bertil, Berg, Johanna, Jonsson, Rebecca, McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, Sheila, Golovleva, Irina, Palmer, Ruth H. and Alexeyev, Oleg A. (2013) Microbiology of folliculitis: a histological study of 39 cases. APMIS, 122 (1). pp. 25-32. [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew, Nagy, István, Magyari, Márta, Barnard, Emma and Patrick, Sheila (2013) The Opportunistic Pathogen Propionibacterium acnes: Insights into Typing, Human Disease, Clonal Diversification and CAMP Factor Evolution. PLoS ONE, 8 (9). e70897. [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, Sheila, Eishi, Yoshinobu, Lambert, Peter and Eady, Anne (2013) Propionibacterium acnes in Human Health and Disease. BioMed Research International, 2013 (493564). pp. 1-3. [Journal article]

Rollason, Jess, McDowell, Andrew, Albert, Hanne B., Barnard, Emma, Worthington, Tony, Hilton, Anthony C., Vernallis, Ann, Patrick, Sheila, Elliott, Tom and Lambert, Peter (2013) Genotypic and Antimicrobial Characterisation of Propionibacterium acnes Isolates from Surgically Excised Lumbar Disc Herniations. BioMed Research International, 2013 (530382). pp. 1-7. [Journal article]

Alexeyev, Oleg A., Lundskog, Bertil, Ganceviciene, Ruta, Palmer, Ruth H., McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, Sheila, Zouboulis, Christos and Golovleva, Irina (2012) Pattern of tissue invasion by Propionibacterium acnes in acne vulgaris. Journal of Dermatological Science, 67 (1). pp. 63-66. [Journal article]

Jahns, A.C., Lundskog, B., Ganceviciene, R., Palmer, R.H., Golovleva, I., Zouboulis, C.C., McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, S. and Alexeyev, O.A. (2012) An increased incidence of Propionibacterium acnes biofilms in acne vulgaris: a case-control study. British Journal of Dermatology, 167 (1). pp. 50-58. [Journal article]

Jahns, Anika C., Lundskog, Bertil, Dahlberg, Ida, Tamayo, Natalia Curiche, McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, Sheila and Alexeyev, Oleg A. (2012) No link between Rosacea and Propionibacterium acnes. APMIS, 120 (11). pp. 922-925. [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew, Barnard, Emma, Nagy, István, Gao, Anna, Tomida, Shuta, Li, Huiying, Eady, Anne, Cove, Jonathan, Nord, Carl E. and Patrick, Sheila (2012) An Expanded Multilocus Sequence Typing Scheme for Propionibacterium acnes: Investigation of ‘Pathogenic’, ‘Commensal’ and Antibiotic Resistant Strains. PLoS ONE, 7 (7). e41480. [Journal article]

McDowell, Andrew, Hunyadkürti, J, Horvath, B., Voros, A., Barnard, E., Patrick, S. and Nagy, I. (2012) Draft Genome Sequence of an Antibiotic-Resistant Propionibacterium acnes Strain, PRP-38, from the Novel Type IC Cluster. Journal of Bacteriology, 194 (12). pp. 3260-3261. [Journal article]

Voros, A., Horvath, B., Hunyadkurti, J., McDowell, A., Barnard, E., Patrick, S. and Nagy, I. (2012) Complete Genome Sequences of Three Propionibacterium acnes Isolates from the Type IA2 Cluster. Journal of Bacteriology, 194 (6). pp. 1621-1622. [Journal article]

Hunyadkurti, J., Feltoti, Z., Horvath, B., Nagymihaly, M., Voros, A., McDowell, A., Patrick, S., Urban, E. and Nagy, I. (2011) Complete Genome Sequence of Propionibacterium acnesType IB Strain 6609. Journal of Bacteriology, 193 (17). pp. 4561-4562. [Journal article]

Houston, S, Blakely, G. W., McDowell, A, Martin, L. and Patrick, S. (2010) Binding and degradation of fibrinogen by Bacteroides fragilis and characterization of a 54 kDa fibrinogen-binding protein. Microbiology, 156 (8). pp. 2516-2526. [Journal article]

Martin, S.L., Moffitt, K.L., McDowell, A., Greenan, C., Bright-Thomas, R.J., Jones, A.M., Webb, A.K. and Elborn, J.S. (2010) Association of airway cathepsin B and S with inflammation in cystic fibrosis. Pediatric Pulmonology, 45 (9). pp. 860-868. [Journal article]

Sampedro, Marta Fernandez, Huddleston, Paul M., Piper, Kerryl E., Karau, Melissa J., Dekutoski, Mark B., Yaszemski, Michael J., Currier, Bradford L., Mandrekar, Jayawant N., Osmon, Douglas R., McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, Sheila, Steckelberg, James M. and Patel, Robin (2010) A Biofilm Approach to Detect Bacteria on Removed Spinal Implants. Spine, 35 . pp. 1218-1224. [Journal article]

Piper, K. E., Jacobson, M. J., Cofield, R. H., Sperling, J. W., Sanchez-Sotelo, J., Osmon, D. R., McDowell, Andrew, Patrick, S., Steckelberg, J. M., Mandrekar, J. N., Fernandez Sampedro, M. and Patel, R. (2009) Microbiologic Diagnosis of Prosthetic Shoulder Infection by Use of Implant Sonication. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 47 (6). pp. 1878-1884. [Journal article]

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Tunney, Michael M., Field, Tyler R., Moriarty, Thomas F., Patrick, Sheila, Doering, Gerd, Muhlebach, Marianne S., Wolfgang, Matthew C., Boucher, Richard, Gilpin, Deirdre F., McDowell, Andrew and Elborn, J. Stuart (2008) Detection of Anaerobic Bacteria in High Numbers in Sputum from Patients with Cystic Fibrosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 177 (9). pp. 995-1001. [Journal article]

Nagy, István, Pivarcsi, Andor, Kis, Kornélia, Koreck, Andrea, Bodai, László, McDowell, Andrew, Seltmann, Holger, Patrick, Sheila, Zouboulis, Christos C. and Kemény, Lajos (2006) Propionibacterium acnes and lipopolysaccharide induce the expression of antimicrobial peptides and proinflammatory cytokines/chemokines in human sebocytes. Microbes and Infection, 8 (8). pp. 2195-2205. [Journal article]

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Walker, Brian, Brown, Martin F., Lynas, John F., Martin, S. Lorraine, McDowell, Andrew, Badet, Bernard and Hill, Alan J. (2001) Inhibition of Escherichia coli Glucosamine Synthetase by Novel Electrophilic Analogues of Glutamine. Comparison with 6-Diazo-5-oxo-norleucine. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 32 (12). pp. 2795-2798. [Journal article]

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