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Gibson, DS, Drain, Stephen, Kelly, Catriona, McGilligan, VE, McClean, PL, Atkinson, SD, Murray, EK, McDowell, A., Conway, C., Watterson, Steven and Bjourson, AJ (2017) Coincidence versus consequence: opportunities in multi-morbidity research and inflammation as a pervasive feature. Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]


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Manderson Koivula, Fiona N., McClenaghan, Neville H., Harper, Alan G. S. and Kelly, Catriona (2016) Islet-intrinsic effects of CFTR mutation. Diabetologia, 59 . pp. 1350-1355. [Journal article]


Monaghan, Kevin, McNaughten, Jennifer, McGahon, Mary K., Kelly, Catriona, Kyle, Daniel, Yong, Phaik Har, McGeown, J. Graham and Curtis, Tim M. (2015) Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Downregulate the Functional Expression of TRPV4 Channels in Retinal Microvascular Endothelium. PLOS ONE, 10 (6). e0128359. [Journal article]

Reihill, James A, Malcomson, Bethany, Bertelsen, Anne, Cheung, S, Czerwiec, A, Barsden, R, Elborn, J Stuart, Dürkop, H, Hirsch, B, Ennis, Madeleine, Kelly, Catriona and Schock, Bettina C (2015) Induction of the inflammatory regulator A20 by gibberellic acid in airway epithelial cells. British Journal of Pharmacology, 50 . n/a. [Journal article]


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Kelly, Catriona, Williams, M. T., Mitchell, K., Elborn, J. S., Ennis, M. and Schock, B. C. (2013) Expression of the nuclear factor- B inhibitor A20 is altered in the cystic fibrosis epithelium. European Respiratory Journal, 41 (6). p. 1315. [Journal article]

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Abed, Arif, Critchlow, Charlotte, Flatt, Peter, McClenaghan, Neville and Kelly, Catriona (2012) Directed differentiation of progenitor cells towards an islet-cell phenotype. American Journal of Stem Cells, 1(3) . pp. 196-204. [Journal article]

Guo-Parke, H., McCluskey, Janie, Kelly, Catriona, Hamid, M., McClenaghan, Neville and Flatt, Peter (2012) Configuration of electrofusion-derived human insulin-secreting cell line as pseudoislets enhances functionality and therapeutic utility. Journal of Endocrinology, 214 (3). p. 257. [Journal article]

McClenaghan, Neville, Flatt, Peter, Harper, AGS and Kelly, Catriona (2012) Establishment of an F508del pseudoislet model for the study of CF-related diabetes. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, 11 . S117. [Journal article]

Schock, Bettina, deCourcey, Francine, Ennis, Madeleine, Dobson, Jon and Kelly, Catriona (2012) Gibberellin induces the NF-kB inhibitor A20 in airway epithelial cells. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, 11 . S94. [Journal article]


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Kelly, Catriona, Guo, Hong, McCluskey, Janie, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2010) Comparison of Insulin Release From MIN6 Pseudoislets and Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans Reveals Importance of Homotypic Cell Interactions. Pancreas, 39 (7). p. 1016. [Journal article]

Kelly, Catriona, Parke, Hong Guo, McCluskey, Janie, Flatt, Peter and McClenaghan, Neville (2010) The role of glucagon- and somatostatin-secreting cells in the regulation of insulin release and beta-cell function in heterotypic pseudoislets. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, 26 (7). p. 525. [Journal article]

Persaud, SJ, Arden, C, Bergsten, P, Bone, AJ, Brown, J, Dunmore, S, Harrison, M, Hauge-Evans, A, Kelly, Catriona, King, A, Maffucci, T, Marriott, CE, McClenaghan, Neville, Morgan, N, Reers, C, Russell, MA, Turner, MD, Willoughby, E, Younis, MY, Zhi, ZL and Jones, PM (2010) Pseudoislets as primary islet replacements for research: report on a symposium at King's College London, London UK. Islets. 2010 Jul-Aug;2(4):236-9., 2(4) . pp. 236-239. [Journal article]


Kelly, Catriona (2007) Establishment and characterization of islet-hormone producing pseudoislets from clonal pancreatic cell lines. [Other] (Unpublished)

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