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Nesbitt, Heather, Sheng, Yinjie, Kamila, Sukanta, Logan, Keiran, Thomas, Keith, Callan, Bridgeen, Taylor, Mark, Love, Mark, Kelly, Paul, Beguin, Estelle, Stride, Eleanor, McHale, AP and Callan, John (2018) Gemcitabine loaded Microbubbles for Targeted Chemo-Sonodynamic Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer. Journal of Controlled Release, 262 . [Journal article]


Callan, John, Atchison, Jordan, Kamila, Sukanta, Logan, Kieran, Nicholas, Dean, Fowley, Colin, Davis, James, Callan, Bridgeen and McHale, Anthony (2017) Iodinated Cyanine Dyes: A New Class of Sensitisers for use in NIR Activated Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Chemical Communications, 53 (12). pp. 2009-2012. [Journal article]

Sheng, Yinjie, Beguin, Estelle, Nesbitt, Heather, Kamila, Sukanta, Owen, Joshua, Barnsley, Lester, Callan, Bridgeen, O'Kane, Christopher, Nomikou, Nikolitsa, Hamoudi, Rifat, Taylor, Mark A, Love, Mark, Kelly, Paul, O'Rourke, Declan, Stride, Eleanor, McHale, AP and Callan, J (2017) Magnetically Responsive Microbubbles as Delivery Vehicles for Targeted Sonodynamic and Antimetabolite Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer. Journal of Controlled Release, 262 . pp. 192-200. [Journal article]


Atchison, J, Kamila, Sukanta, McEwan, C, Nesbitt, Heather, Davis, J, Fowley, Colin, Callan, Bridgeen, McHale, AP and Callan, John (2015) Modulation of ROS production in photodynamictherapy using a pH controlled photoinducedelectron transfer (PET) based sensitiser. Chemical Communications, 15 . pp. 16832-16835. [Journal article]

Callan, J, Hamilton, GRC, Sahoo, S, Kamila, Sukanta, Hyland, Barry, Singh, N and Kaur, N (2015) Optical probes for the detection of protons, and alkali and alkaline earth metal cations. Chemical Society Reviews, 44 . pp. 4415-4432. [Journal article]

Callan, J, Kamila, Sukanta, McEwan, Conor, Costley, David, Atchison, Jordan, Sheng, Yingjie, Hamilton, GRC and Fowley, Colin (2015) Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Quantum Dots in Nanomedicine. SPRINGER INT PUBLISHING AG, GEWERBESTRASSE 11, CHAM, CH-6330, SWITZERLAND. 203 pp ISBN 978-3-319-22942-3 [Book (authored)]

McEwan, Conor, Kamila, Sukanta, Owen, Joshua, Nesbitt, Heather, Callan, Bridgeen, Borden, Mark, Nomikou, Nikolitsa, Hamoudi, Rifat A, Taylor, Mark A, Stride, Eleanor, McHale, AP and Callan, J (2015) Combined sonodynamic and antimetabolite therapy for the improvedtreatment of pancreatic cancer using oxygen loaded microbubbles as adelivery vehicle. Biomaterials, 80 . pp. 20-32. [Journal article]


Callan, John F., Mulrooney, Ray C., Kamila, Sukanta and McCaughan, Bridgeen (2008) Anion sensing with luminescent quantum dots - A modular approach based on the photoinduced electron transfer (PET) mechanism. JOURNAL OF FLUORESCENCE, 18 (2). pp. 527-532. [Journal article]


Kamila, Sukanta, Callan, John F., Mulrooney, Ray C. and Middleton, Moira (2007) A novel fluorescent chemosensor for Cu(II) in aqueous solution based on a beta-aminobisphosphonate receptor. TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 48 (44). pp. 7756-7760. [Journal article]

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