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Richards, Peter and Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Reference Readings: Art, Text and Trees-(James Joyce: Finnegans Wake – Anna Livia Plurabelle)-(J.W.v. Goethe: Elective Affinities)-(Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot)-(Michael Hamburger: For Ted Hughes)-(Simon Morris: Reading as Art) -(Georg Büchner: Lenz)in collaboration with Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes2012, Fuji Crystal Archive paper pinhole exposed for duration of reading, pinned with single audio channel, looped mp3, approx 220 x 127 cm, each of the six works is unique. The Naughton Gallery, Queen's University [Artefact]

Book (authored)

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) Post-War Germany and ‘Objective Chance’: W.G. Sebald, Joseph Beuys and Tacita Dean / Nachkriegsdeutschland und ‘Objektiver Zufall’: W.G. Sebald, Joseph Beuys und Tacita Dean. Goettingen: Steidl. 76 pp ISBN German Ed.: ISBN 978-3-902490-76-6 (MUMOK), ISBN 978-3-86930-298-0 (Steidl), English Ed.: ISBN 978-3-902490-77-3 (MUMOK), ISBN 978-3-86930-299-7 (Steidl) [Book (authored)]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2004) Joyce in Art: Visual Art Inspired by James Joyce. Lilliput. 416 pp ISBN 1-84351-052-9 [Book (authored)]

Book (edited)

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and walters, victoria, eds. (2011) Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture and Politics. Berlin, Muenster. 232 pp. LIT Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8258-0761-0 [Book (edited)]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and Wood, johnathan, eds. (2006) Carola Giedion-Welcker conference proceedings. (Giedion-Welcker conference, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds). Leeds. . Henry Moore Institute. ISBN - [Book (edited)]

Book section

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Considering the Minor in the Literary and Photographic Works of Rodney Graham and Tacita Dean. In: Minor Photography: Connecting Deleuze and Guattari to Photography Theory. Leuven University Press, Leuven, pp. 85-102. ISBN 978-90-5867-910-9 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Reading Ulysses: Brigid McLeer Performs. In: One + One: Brigid McLeer. Highlanes Gallery Drogheda, Drogheda, pp. 15-21. ISBN none [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and richards, Peter (2012) “Peter Richards in Conversation with Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes”. In: Peter Richards, An Elective Family Album. Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, pp. 23-29. ISBN none [Book section]

Chan, Suzanna and Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) The Role of Diversity in the Production and Reception of Art in Belfast: Space Shuttle. In: Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture and Politics. (Eds: Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and Walters, Victoria), LlT Verlag, Berlin, Muenster, pp. 118-146. ISBN 978-3-8258-0761-0 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) “’The Joyce Effect’: Joyce in the Visual Arts”. In: A Companion to James Joyce. (Eds: Brown, Richard), Malden, Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 318-340. ISBN 978-1-4051-1044-0, 9780470657966 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "I will re-create Finnegans Wake anyway". In: Beuys Voice. Exhib. Cat. Kunsthaus Zurich 2011. (Eds: Domizio Durini, Lucrezia de), Kunsthaus Zurich, Electa, Zurich, Milan, pp. 480-481. ISBN 9788837085735 8837085737 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and Walters, Victoria (2011) Introduction. In: Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture and Politics. LIT Verlag, Berlin, Muenster, pp. 1-17. ISBN 978-3-8258-0761-0 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Bloomova Stolice / Bloom Stool". In: Pavel Buchler: Marna race / Labour in Vain. DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, pp. 104-107. ISBN 9788087446003 8087446003 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Rodney Graham: Literature and What an Artist Does With It". In: Rodney Graham: Through the Forest. Hatje Cantz, MACBA, Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst Basel, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Ostfildern, Barcelona, pp. 64-85. ISBN 978-3-7757-2577-4, 978-3-7757-2576-7 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) “Gary Coyle: The Daily Practice of Swimming”. In: Gary Coyle. Royal Hibernian Academy and Project Art Centre, n.p.. ISBN 978-0955252570 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2008) “Carola Giedion-Welcker: Misrepresented Mediator of Modernists”. In: Women’s Contributions to Visual Culture, 1918-1939. (Eds: Brown, Karen M.), Ashgate Hampshire, pp. 89-100. ISBN 978-0754664000 [Book section]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2007) “Post-War Germany and ‘Objective Chance’: W.G. Sebald, Joseph Beuys and Tacita Dean”. In: Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G.Sebald. (Eds: Patt, Lise), Institute of Cultural Inquiry Los Angeles, pp. 412-439. ISBN 978-0754664000 [Book section]

Conference contribution

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) “Bibliomania, Conceptual Writing and Literary Art Exhibitions”. In: AAH International Symposium, Reading, U of Reading. AAH. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) “Conceptual Writers: Joyce and other artists”. In: Joycepapers: Zurich Joyce Foundation Workshop, Zurich. ZJJF. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) “Some Thoughts on the Eco System of Art, Writing and Institutions”. VAI Get-Together, Visual Artists Ireland Association, 29 June 2013. In: VAI Get-Together, NCAD, Dublin. VAI Ireland. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Concerning the Work of Royden Rabinowitch: Our Disenchanted Ontology and Paradoxical Hope. In: Sequenzen Series, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Univerity of Cologne. University of Cologne. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) Characters. In: Polytropic(al) Joyce, Queen's University Belfast. Queen's University Belfast, English Department. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) “An Empirical Approach: 20 years of PhD with art practice at Ulster”,. In: Conference on Practice-Based Research in Art & Design:, Bauhaus University Weimar. Bauhaus University Weimar. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Joyce in Art". In: "Joyce in Art", Irish Embassy, Seoul, Residence, Irish Ambassador, Seoul, South Korea. Irish Embassy, Seoul. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Joyce in the City": A Walking Tour. In: 23rd International James Joyce Conference, UCD, TCD, Dublin. Joyce Symposium. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Literary Art Exhibitions: Paolozzi and Joyce". In: Paolozzi Conference, MMU, Manchester. MMU, David Brittain. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "The Moderns". In: "The Moderns", Irish Museum of Modern Art. IMMA. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Re-Membering the Imaginary: Artists’ Engagement with Literary Sites". In: IAWIS International Conference: Imaginary / Imaginaire, UQAM, Montreal. IAWIS. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Collective Reading – Relationships Between Contemporary Artists’ Works and Literature". In: Collective Readings Exhibition framework programme, Golden Thread Gallery. Golden Thread Gallery, British Council. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Considering the Minor in the Literary and Photographic Works of Rodney Graham and Tacita Dean". In: Minor Photography Conference, KU Leuven. Hilde van Gelder, Mieke Bleyen, Alexander Streitberger (convenors). [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) “Critical and Emancipating Practices in Convergent Media and Institutions: Visual and ‘literary’ art in the 21st century”. In: What Next?, Museum of Art, National University, Seoul, South Korea. SNu, MoA. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Joyce and the Artistic Currency of Writers’ Museums". In: Praharfeast: International James Joyce Converence, Karl's University, Prague. International James Joyce Foundation. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Yeats and the Ltierary Art Exhibition". In: Yeats Legacy Lecture Series, Sligo IT. Peace II Programme, Sligo IT. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) "The Academy". In: Royal Ulster Academy Round-Table event, RUA Exhibition. RUA. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) "Peripatetic Joyce - Peripatetic Joyce 'Museums'". In: ICLM Conference, Petofi National Literary Musem, Budapest, Hungary. ICLM (under UNESCO's International Council of Museums: Literary Museums Section). [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) "Rhizomatic Art Exhibitions?". In: International Association of Philosophy and Literature conference, Brunel University, London. IAPL. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) "Visual Art Exhibitions in Response to Literature". In: Manchester Metropolitan University: Whitworth Lecture Series, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. Whitworth Gallery, MMU. [Conference contribution]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) “What makes a good performance in a globalized, peripheral, post-traumatic situation?”:. In: AIM1NG, Queen's Unviersity Belfast. QUB, Bbeyond, Belfast Festival at Queen's. [Conference contribution]


Connolly, Robert Brian and Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2015) 'Performance Art + Northern Ireland'. GT Gallery, Belfast.. [Exhibition]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions". Golden Thread Gallery. [Exhibition]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) "Joyce in Art". Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. [Exhibition]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2011) Joyce in the City. Hugh Lane, Oonagh Young, O'Connell Bridge, O'Neill's. [Exhibition]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2010) "Joyce’s Artistic Effects". Tolstoy Estate. [Exhibition]

Internet publication

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) Joyce Tower: space of enjoyment and the life of the mind. http://www.joycetower.com/keynote, Joyce Tower Friends, 1 pp [Internet publication]

Journal article

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Polyhedra and Joyce: A Room for Thought. James Joyce Broadsheet, 2012 (91). pp. 1-4. [Journal article]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) “In the Wake (of) – as a Theory of Participatory Practice". The Recorder: The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society.., Vol. 2 . pp. 41-48. [Journal article]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2009) The Loneliness of East Germany. CIRCA: Contemporary Visual Culture in Ireland., (Summe (Nr 128). pp. 54-57. [Journal article]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2006) “La disolución de los límites”. La Tempestad, 48 . pp. 72-73. [Journal article]


Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) “James Joyce and the Literary (Art) Museum: Joyce Tower”., Friends of the Joyce Tower [Other]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2013) NGI REsearch Day., National Gallery of Ireland [Other]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Kasper Koenig (curator): Before the Law: Post-War Sculptures and Spaces of Contemporary Art, Museum Ludwig, Cologne., Enclave Review / wordpress [Other]

Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria (2012) Keeping Joyce Unsafe and Effective., Irish Times [Other]

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