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Book (authored)

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Riberio (2018) The White Redoubt, the Great Powers and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1960–1980. Palgrave Macmillan UK. London. 401 pp ISBN 978-1-137-44757-9 [Book (authored)]

Fraser, Tom, Mango, Andrew and McNamara, Robert (2011) The Makers of the Modern Middle East. Haus. London. 342 pp ISBN 9781906598952 [Book (authored)]

Fraser, Tom, Mango, Andrew and McNamara, Robert (2011) Modern Ortadogu'nun Kurulusu. Remzi Kitabevi. Istanbul. 400 pp ISBN 97897514670 [Book (authored)]

McNamara, Robert (2010) The Hashemites: The Dream of Arabia. Haus. London. 220 pp ISBN 1905791666 [Book (authored)]

McNamara, Robert (2003) Britain, Nasser and the Balance of Power in the Middle East from Egyptian Revolution to the Six Day War. Routledge. June. 308 pp ISBN 0714653977 [Book (authored)]

Book (edited)

McNamara, Robert, ed. (2012) The Churchills in Ireland: Connections and Controversies. Dublin. . Irish Academic Press. ISBN 9780716530848 [Book (edited)]

Book section

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro (2014) A África do Sul Face à “Descolonização Exemplar” Portuguesa'. In: Portugal e o Fim do Colonialismo: Dimensões Internacionais. (Eds: Bandeira Jeronimo, Miguel and Costa Pinta, Antonio), Edicioes 70, Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 135-155. ISBN 9789724418223 [Book section]

McNamara, Robert (2012) 'On the thin crust of ashes, beneath which the lava is still glowing': Winston Churchill, the Historian and Ireland. In: The Churchills in Ireland : connections and controversies. Irish Academic Press, Dublin, pp. 173-198. ISBN 9780716530848 [Book section]

McNamara, Robert (2011) 'Os Imperios Europeus Ultramarinos durante a Primeria Republica Portuguesa' (The European Overseas Empires during the First Portuguese Republic ). In: Filipe Riberio de Meneses & Pedro Aires Oliveria, (eds) A primeira república portuguesa: diplomacia, guerra e império. Tinta da China, Lisbon, pp. 267-298. ISBN 9789896710934 [Book section]

McNamara, Robert (2003) Blueprints from Britain : Irish responses to post-war plans. In: Ireland in World War Two : diplomacy and survival. (Eds: Keogh,, Dermot and O' Driscoll, M.), Mercier Press, Cork, pp. 244-258. ISBN 1856354458 [Book section]

Internet publication

McNamara, Robert (2017) Dr Robert McNamara, review of An African Volk: The Apartheid Regime and Its Search for Survival, (review no. 2159). Reviews in History, Institute of Historical Research, 10 pp, DOI: 10.14296/RiH/2014/2159 [Internet publication]

Journal article

McNamara, Robert (2016) The Nasser factor: Anglo-Egyptian relations andYemen/Aden crisis 1962–65. Middle Eastern Studies, 53 (1). pp. 51-68. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro (2014) Parallel Diplomacy, Parallel War: The PIDE/DGS's Dealings with Rhodesia and South Africa, 1961-74". Journal of Contemporary History, 49 (2). pp. 366-389. [Journal article]

de Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro and McNamara, Robert (2014) Exercise ALCORA: Expansion and Demise, 1971-4. International History Review, 36 (1). pp. 89-111. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro (2013) Exerciciio ALCORA: O Que Sabemos, e nao Sabemos sobre a guerra colonial. Relacoes Internacionais (International Relations: Portugal), 38 . pp. 125-133. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro (2013) The Origins of Exercise ALCORA, 1960–71. International History Review, 2013 . pp. 1-22. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Riberio (2013) South Africa and the Aftermath of Portugal's ‘Exemplary’ Decolonization: The Security Dimension. Portuguese Studies, 29 (2). pp. 227-250. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe (2012) The last throw of the dice: Portugal, Rhodesia and South Africa 1970-74. Portuguese Studies, 28 (2). pp. 201-215. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert (2009) Churchill and the Irish Question. British Politics Review, BPR No . p. 7. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert (2007) Irish Perspectives on the Vietnam War. Irish Studies in International Affairs, 14 (-1). p. 75. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert (2006) 'Let's make it clear that we'll get him sooner or later' : British covert action against Nasser's Egypt in the aftermath of Suez. Intelligence, statecraft and international power : papers read before the 27th Irish Conference of Historians held at Trinity College, Dublin, 19-21 May 2005, 25 . pp. 222-234. [Journal article]

McNamara, Robert (2000) Britain, Nasser and the Outbreak of the Six Day War. Journal of Contemporary History, 35 (4). pp. 619-639. [Journal article]

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