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PRITCHARD, Rosalind (2017) Academic Values and English Higher Education. In: HIGHER EDUCATION REFORM: LOOKING BACK -- LOOKING FORWARD. (Eds: ZGAGA, PAVEL, TEICHLER, ULRICH, WOLTER, ANDRAE and SCHUETZE, HANS), PETER LANG, FRANKFURT AM MAIN, pp. 162-178. ISBN 978-3-631-66275-5 [Book section]

Pritchard, Rosalind and Slowey, Maria (2017) Resilience: a high price for survival? The impact of austerity on Irish Higher Education, South and North. In: Debating Austerity in Ireland: crisis, experience and recovery. (Eds: Heffernan, Emma, McHale, John and Moore-Cherry, Niamh), ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY, DUBLIN, pp. 175-190. ISBN 978-1-908997-68-5 [Book section]


PRITCHARD, ROSALIND M O, PAUSITS, ATTILA and WILLIAMS, JAMES, eds. (2016) Positioning Higher Education Institutions: From Here to There. (Many of these chapters were developed from a conference held by the European Association of Institutional Research (EAIR) in Krems, Austria, in 2015). ROTTERDAM. 269 pp. SENSE. ISBN 9789463006590 [Book (edited)]

Pritchard, Rosalind, Pausits, Attila and Williams, James (2016) Introduction to edited book. In: Positioning Higher Education: From Here to There. (Eds: Pritchard, Rosalind, Pausits, Attila and Williams, James), Sense, Rotterdam, ix-xvii. ISBN 9789463006590 [Book section]


Pritchard, Rosalind, KLUMPP, MATTHIAS and TEICHLER, ULRICH, eds. (2015) Diversity and Excellence in Higher Education: Can the Challenges be Reconciled? ROTTERDAM. 266 pp. SENSE. ISBN 978-94-6300-171-7 (hardback) ISBN: 978-94-6300-172-4 (e-book) [Book (edited)]

PRITCHARD, Rosalind (2015) Academic Values and English Higher Education. In: HIGHER EDUCATION REFORM: LOOKING BACK -- LOOKING FORWARD. (Eds: ZGAGA, PAVEL, TEICHLER, ULRICH, WOLTER, ANDRAE and SCHUETZE, HANS), PETER LANG, FRANKFURT AM MAIN, pp. 195-214. ISBN 978-3-631-66275-5 [Book section]


PRITCHARD, ROSALIND M. O. and KARLSEN, JAN ERIK, eds. (2013) Resilient Universities: Confronting Changes in a Challenging World. OXFORD AND NEW YORD. 412 pp. PETER LANG. ISBN 978-3-0343-1716-0 [Book (edited)]

PRITCHARD, Rosalind (2013) Higher Education in a Competitive Regime: the New British Regime. In: RESILIENT UNIVERSITIES; CONFRONTING CHANGES IN A CHALLENGING WORLD. PETER LANG, OXFORD AND NEW YORK, pp. 115-147. ISBN 978-3-0343-1716-0 [Book section]


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Pritchard, Rosalind (2011) Neoliberal Developments in Higher Education: the United Kingdom and Germany. Peter Lang. OXFORD; BERN; BERLIN; BRUXELLES; FRANKFURT AM MAIN; NEW YORK; WIEN. 329 pp ISBN 978-3-0343-0715-4 [Book (authored)]


PRITCHARD, ROSALIND (2010) The British Higher Education System and the Bologna Process. In: Wissenschaft und Akademische Bildung: ist Theodor Litt fuer die gegenwaertige Hochschulpolitik aktuell? THEODOR-LITT JAHRBUCH 2010. (Eds: GUTJAHR-LOESER, PETER, SCHULZ, DIETER, WOLLERSHEIM, HAINZ-WERNER and pritchard, rosalind), UNIVERSITY OF LEIPZIG, pp. 181-202. ISBN 978-3-86583-527-7 [Book section]

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Pritchard, Rosalind (2006) “Erziehungswissenschaften auf dem Weg zur Globalisierung: Hochschullehrer und Studenten im Vergleich Großbritannien und Deutschland” [Educational Sciences on the Way to Globalisation: HE Teachers and Students in GB and FRG Compared]. In: Datenreport Erziehungswissenschaft. (Eds: Kraul,, M., Merkens, H. and Tippelt, R.), VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften and GWV Fachverlage., Wiesbaden, pp. 41-66. ISBN 3-531-15081-2 [Book section]


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