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Wmffre, Iwan (2013) A Dynamic Description of Lampeter Welsh: The Traditional Language vol.1. Catamanus. Bangor. 174 pp ISBN 978-83-63657-13-0 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2013) Dynamic Linguistics: Labov, Martinet, Jakobson and other Precursors of the Dynamic Approach to Language Description. Peter Lang. Oxford. ISBN 978-3-0343-1705-4 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2013) Old Welsh Dialectal Variations preserved in Toponymy. Appletree Press. Belfast. 33 pp ISBN 978-1-84758-151-8 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2013) The Qualities and the Origins of the Welsh Vowel [ɨ]. Curach Bhán. Berlin. ISBN 978-3-942002-12-7 [Book (authored)]


Wmffre, Iwan (2012) Review article of Brian Ó Curnáin (2007) The Irish of Iorras Aithneach, County Galway (Dublin: Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies). Journal of Celtic Linguistics, 14 . pp. 130-151. [Journal article]


Wmffre, Iwan (2011) Y tirwedd mud: tir heb enwau (‘The mute landscape: a land without names’). Y Naturiaethwr (2nd series), 28 . pp. 24-27. [Journal article]


Wmffre, Iwan (2009) Review of Hywel Wyn Owen & Richard Morgan. 2007. Dictionary of the Place-names of Wales. (Llandysul: Gomer). Archaeologia Cambrensis, 156 . pp. 185-187. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2009) Toponymy and land-use in the uplands of the Doethïe valley (Cardiganshire). In: Carmarthenshire and Beyond: Studies in History and Archaeology in Memory of Terry James. (Eds: James, Heather and Moore, Patricia), Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society, pp. 270-283. ISBN 9780906972052 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Breton Orthographies and Dialects: the Twentieth-century Orthography War in Brittany. Peter Lang. ISBN 303911364X / 9783039113644 / 3-03911-364-X [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Casglu enwau lleoedd (E. 'Collecting place-names'). BBC Wales website, 1 pp [Internet publication]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Review of Markku Filpulla and Juhani Klemola and Heli Pitkänen (eds) 2002 The Celtic Roots of English (Joensuu: University of Joensuu, Faculty of Humanities). Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, 55 . pp. 308-314. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Review of Martin J. Ball and Briony Williams 2001 Welsh Phonetics (Lewiston, NY – Queenston, Ontario / Lampeter, Wales: Edwin Mellen). Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, 55 . pp. 301-307. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Das walisische Personennamensystem (E. ‘The Welsh personal-name system’). In: Europäische Personennamensysteme: Ein Handbuch. (Eds: Brendler, Andrea and Brendler, Silvio), Baar, pp. 816-834. ISBN 3935536658 [Book section]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) Post-Roman Irish settlement in Wales: new insights from a recent study of Cardiganshire place-names. In: Ireland and Wales in the Middle Ages. (Eds: Jankulak, Karen and Wooding, Jonathan), Four Courts, pp. 46-61. ISBN 978-1-85182-748-0 [Book section]

Wmffre, Iwan (2007) An Béal Bocht: a critique of Irish nationalism, Irish-language literature and the people of the Gaeltacht? In: Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica. (Eds: Rekdal, Jan Erik and Ó Corráin, Ailbhe), Uppsala Universitet, pp. 275-284. ISBN 1104-5515-7 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2006) Review article of Sabine Heinz Welsh 2003 (2nd edn) Dictionaries in the Twentieth Century: a Critical Analysis (München: Lincom Europa). Journal of Celtic Studies, 10 . pp. 121-137. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2006) Welsh personal names: a survey of their evolution through the ages. Zunamen: Zeitschrift für Namenforschung, 1 . pp. 147-174. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2006) Ideology and the learning of Celtic languages. In: The Past in the Present: a Multidisciplinary Approach. (Eds: Mugnaini, Fabio, Ó Héalaí, Pádraig and Thompson, Tok), Edit, pp. 235-257. ISBN 88-89726-01-6 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2004) Penrhyn Blathaon ac amgyffred yr Hen Gymry o eithafion gogledd Prydain (E. ‘The peninsula of Blathaon and the awareness of the northern extremities of Britain amongst the medieval Welsh’). Studia Celtica, 38 . pp. 59-68. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2004) The Place-names of Cardiganshire. Archaeopress. ISBN 978-1-84171-666-4 / 1-84171-666-9 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2004) Review of Dylan Foster Evans 2000 Gwaith Hywel Swrdwal a’i Deulu (Aberystwyth: Canolfan Uwchefrydiau Cymreig a Cheltaidd Prifysgol Cymru). Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, 54 . pp. 290-293. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2004) Learners, native speakers and the authenticity of language. In: Communicating Cultures. (Eds: Kockel, Ullrich and Nic Craith, Máiréad Nic Craith), Lit, pp. 149-175. ISBN 3-8258-6643-2 [Book section]

Wmffre, Iwan and Jones, D. Gwyn L. (2004) Transhumance in the British Isles – decline or transformation? In: Transhumance and Biodiversity in European Mountains. (Eds: Bunce, Robert G. H., Pérez Soba, Marta, Jongman, Rob H. G., Gómez, Antonio, Herzog, Felix and Austad, Ingvid), IALE (International Association for Landscape Ecology), pp. 69-89. ISBN 9032703374 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2003) Language and Place-names in Wales: the Evidence of Toponymy in Cardiganshire. University of Wales Press. ISBN 978-0708317969 / 0708317960 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (2003) The evolution of Welsh- and Cornish-English phonology in the Early Modern Period. In: Celtic Englishes III. (Eds: Tristram, Hildegard L. C.), Carl Winter, pp. 240-259. ISBN 0172-8865 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2002) Mynydawc – ruler of Edinburgh? Studi Celtici, 1 . pp. 83-106. [Journal article]

Wmffre, Iwan (2002) Urban Celtic subcultures 1700–1850. In: Kulturmetropolen – Metropolenkultur: die Stadt als Kommunikationsraum in 18. Jahrhundert. (Eds: Esser, Raingard and Fuchs, Thomas), BWV, pp. 29-58. ISBN 3830503237 / 9783830503231 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2001) Is societal bilingualism sustainable?: reflections and indications from the Celtic countries. In: Migration, Minorities, Compensation: Issues of Cultural Identity in Europe. (Eds: Eberhardt, Helmut and Wolf-Knuts, Ulrika), Coimbra Group Working Party for Folklore and European Ethnology, pp. 121-142. ISBN 000000000 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (1999) Central Breton. Brud Nevez. 63 pp ISBN 3895861219 / 3-89586-121-9 [Book (authored)]

Wmffre, Iwan (1999) Late Cornish. Lincom Europa. 73 pp ISBN 3895861227 / 3-89586-122-7 [Book (authored)]


Wmffre, Iwan, ed. (1998) Koroll an Ankou. 141 pp. Brud Nevez. ISBN 2867751782 [Book (edited)]


Wmffre, Iwan (1989) Iwerddon a Chymru (E. ‘Ireland and Wales’). Tafod y Ddraig, 231 . pp. 15-16. [Journal article]

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