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Book (authored)

Crooke, Elizabeth (2008) Museums and Community. Ideas, issues and challenges. Routledge. 176 pp ISBN 978-0-415-33657-4 [Book (authored)]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2000) Politics, Archaeology and the Creation of a National Museum in Ireland: an expression of national life. Irish Academic Press. 211 pp ISBN 0716527294 [Book (authored)]

Book section

Crooke, Elizabeth (2015) The 'Active Museum': How Concern with Community Transformed the Museum. In: The International Handbooks of Museum Studies: Museum Practice. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, pp. 481-502. ISBN 9781118829059 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2015) A story of absence and recovery: the Easter Rising in museums in Northern Ireland. In: Making 1916: Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising. (Eds: Godson, Lisa and Bruck, Joanna), Liverpool University Press, pp. 194-202. ISBN 9781781381229 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2014) The migrant and the museums: place and representation in Ireland. In: Museums and Migration: History, Memory and Politics. (Eds: Gourievidis, Laurence), Routledge, pp. 189-201. ISBN 9780415838757 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2012) The material culture of conflict: Artefacts in the Museum of Free Derry, Northern Ireland. In: Narrating Objects, Collecting Stories. (Eds: Dudley, S, Barnes, A J, Binnie, J, Petrov, J and Walklate, J), Routledge, pp. 25-35. ISBN 978-0-415-69271-7 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2012) Community Biographies: character, rationale and significance. In: Museums and Biographies. (Eds: Hill, Kate), Boydell and Brewer Ltd, Woodbridge, pp. 307-318. ISBN 978-1-843-837275 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2008) Troubled waters: creating a museum to tell the story of conflict in Northern Ireland. In: Museums Journal. Museums Association, UK, p. 16. ISBN 0-027-416-X [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2008) An exploration of the connections among museums, community and heritage. In: The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity. (Eds: Graham, Brian and Howard, Peter), Aldershot, Ashgate, pp. 415-424. ISBN 978-0-7546-4922-9 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2008) Putting Contested History on Display: The Uses of the Past in Northern Ireland. In: (Re)Visualizing National History: Museums and National Identities in Europe in the New Millennium. (Eds: Ostow, R), University of Toronto Press, pp. 90-108. ISBN 9780802092212 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2007) The representation of place by collectors and through collections. In: Museum Ireland. Irish Museums Association, pp. 116-122. ISBN 0961 9690 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2007) Museums, Communities and the politics of heritage in Northern Ireland. In: The politics of heritage: The legacies of 'race'. (Eds: Littler, J and Naidoo, R), Routledge, pp. 69-81. ISBN 0415322103 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2006) Museums and Community. In: A Companion to Museum Studies. (Eds: Macdonald, S), Blackwell, pp. 170-185. ISBN 139781405108393 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2005) Museums, Communities and the politics of heritage in Northern Ireland. In: The Politics of Heritage: The Legacies of ‘Race’. (Eds: Littler, Jo and Naidoo, Roshi), Routledge, pp. 69-81. ISBN 0-415-32210-3 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2005) Community heritage and place making in Northern Ireland. In: Ireland’s Heritages: Critical Perspective on Memory and Identity. (Eds: McCarthy, M), Ashgate, pp. 223-234. ISBN 0754640124 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2005) The antiquarian in nineteenth century County Fermanagh. In: Fermanagh: History and Society. (Eds: Murphy, E and Rolston, W), Geography Publications, pp. 427-440. ISBN 0-906602-521 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2004) Revivalist archaeology and museum politics in Ireland. In: The Irish Revival Reappraised. (Eds: Taylor FitzSimon, E. A. and Murphy, J. H.), Four Courts Press, pp. 83-93. ISBN 1-85182-757-9 [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2002) Conflicting Views: Conflict resolution and museums. In: Museums Journal. Museums Association, UK, pp. 25-27. ISBN 0-027-416-X [Book section]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2002) Troubling social inclusion in Northern Ireland’s museums. In: Including Museums: Perspective on museums, galleries and social inclusion. (Eds: Sandell, Richard and Dodd, Jocelyn), Research Centre Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester, pp. 68-72. ISBN 1 898489 19 X [Book section]

Conference contribution

Crooke, Elizabeth (2011) Objects and Words: politically charged collections in Northern Ireland. In: Objects and Words: Writing on, around and about things. The Annual Conference of the Museum Ethnographers Group, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. Museum Ethnographers Grop. [Conference contribution]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2010) Social justice and the community museum in Northern Ireland. In: ‘From the Margins to the Core’ , International Conference, Victoria and Albert Museum London. Victoria and Albert Museum London. [Conference contribution]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2004) Constested history and display in Northern Ireland. In: (Re)Visualising National history: Museology and National Identities in Europe in the new millennium International conference, University of Toronto, Canada. University of Toronto, Canada. [Conference contribution]

Confidential report (external)

Crooke, Elizabeth (2011) Review, Plantation to Powersharing. 6 pp. [Confidential report (external)]


Crooke, Elizabeth (2006) Passions and Possessions. Fermanagh County Museum. [Exhibition]

Journal article

Crooke, Elizabeth (2016) Artefacts as Agents for Change: Commemoration and Exchange via Material Culture. Irish Political Studies, 31 (1). pp. 86-100. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2016) Memory Politics and Material Culture: display in the memorial museum. Memory Studies, 13 (2). 0-0. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2010) The politics of community heritage: motivations, authority and control. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 16 (1). pp. 16-29. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2005) Dealing with the past: Museums and heritage in Northern Ireland and Cape Town, South Africa. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 11 (2). pp. 131-142. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2001) Confronting a troubled history: which past in Northern Ireland’s museums? International Journal of Heritage Studies, 7 (2). pp. 119-136. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2001) 'Restoring the mind of Ireland’ Archaeology, the imagination and the creation of an idea of the Irish nation. Bullan, An Irish Studies Journal, 5 (1). pp. 49-62. [Journal article]

Crooke, Elizabeth (2000) The construction of meanings in museums. Archaeological Dialogues, 7 (2). pp. 130-132. [Journal article]

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