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Acheson, Nick (2014) Change and the practices of actors in civil society: towards an interpretivist exploration of agency in third sector scholarship. Voluntary Sector Review:, 5 (3). [Journal article]

Acheson, Nick (2014) Lenin's Useful Idiots: Voluntary Action and Public Service Reform in Northern Ireland. National Coalition for Independent Action. National Coalition for Independent Action. 16 pp. [Research report (external)]

Acheson, Nick and Laforest, Rachel (2014) Civil Society and the State: Is the time of the third sector as a bearer of citizen interests now over? Civil society, the third sector and protest movements after the financial crisis of 2008/09. In: International Society for Third Sector Research, Muenster, Germany. ISTR. [Conference contribution]

Carney, Gemma, Acheson, Nick and Scharf, Thomas (2014) Guest Editorial to themed section - Voluntary action in ageing societies. Voluntary Sector Review: an international journal of third sector research, policy and practice, 5 (2). pp. 157-159. [Journal article]


Acheson, Nicholas (2013) Citizen advocacy or death from a thousand cuts: what determines the fate of third sector organisations in welfare states after the economic crisis? A view from Ireland’s two jurisdictions’. In: Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession. (Eds: Laforest, Rachel), Queen's Policy Studies Series, ISBN 9781553393276 [Book section]

Acheson, Nicholas and Laforest, Rachel (2013) The Expendables: Community organisations and governance dynamics in the Canadian settlement sector. Canadian Journal of Political Science, 46 . [Journal article]

Acheson, Nick (2013) Independence as a Principle of Voluntary Action - Developing a new story about who we are: the challenge for Voluntary action in Northern Ireland. Building Change Trust. 17 pp. [Research report (external)]

Mullins, David and Acheson, Nick (2013) Competing Drivers in Hybridity: Third Sector Housing Organizations in Northern Ireland. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 25 . [Journal article]

Mullins, David, Muir, Jenny and Acheson, Nick (2013) Third Sector Housing Partnerships in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Housing Executive. 65 pp. [Research report (external)]


Acheson, Nicholas (2012) From group recognition to labour market insertion:civil society and Canada’s changing immigrantsettlement regime. British Journal of Canadian Studies, 25 (2). pp. 231-251. [Journal article]

Acheson, Nicholas (2012) The co-construction of new policy-spaces for state third sector engagement: an exploration of third sector agency in austerity driven welfare states. In: International Society for Third Sector Rersearch: Democratization, Marketization and the Third Sector, Siena, Italy. ISTR. 28 pp. [Conference contribution]

Acheson, Nicholas and Hodgett, Susan (2012) Narratives of citizenship: welfare state reformand civil society in Canada. British Journal of Canadian Studies, 25 (2). pp. 152-159. [Journal article]

Acheson, Nicholas and Laforest, Rachel (2012) Comparing governance patterns: the place of third sector organizations in policy across nations. In: International Society for Third Sector Research, Siena, Italy. ISTR. 23 pp. [Conference contribution]

Acheson, Nicholas and Mullins, David (2012) Competing Drivers of Hybridity: Third Sector Housing Organisations in Northern Ireland. In: International Social Innovation Research Conference, Birmingham. ISIRC. 34 pp. [Conference contribution]

Acheson, Nick (2012) Benjamin Gidron and Michal Bar (Eds) 2010 Policy Initiatives towards the Third Sector in International Perspective., the Policy Press [Other]


Acheson, Nicholas, Milofsky, Carl and Stringer, Maurice (2011) Understanding the Role of Non-aligned Civil Society in Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland: Towards a Fresh Approach. In: Peace-Building in Northern Ireland. (Eds: Power, Maria), Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 18-36. ISBN 978-1-84631-659-3 [Book section]

Acheson, Nicholas and Muir, Jenny (2011) Northern Ireland’s social housing partnerships: meeting housing need in difficult times. In: International Research Society for Public Management,, Dublin Ireland. IRSPM. 27 pp. [Conference contribution]

Acheson, Nick (2011) A Case of avoiding “political mumbo jumbo”: Do collective identities within ethnically diverse voluntary associations spill over to other contexts? Reflections on Northern Ireland's experience. Policy & Politics, 39 (2). pp. 203-220. [Journal article]

Acheson, Nick and Milofsky, Carl (2011) Derry Exceptionalism and an Organic Model of Sustained Dialogue. In: Resolving Community Conflicts and Problems: Public Deliberation and Sustained Dialogue. (Eds: Lohmann, Roger and van Til, Jon), Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 167-185. ISBN 978-0-231-15168-9 [Book section]


Acheson, Nicholas (2010) Welfare Governance, counter publics and civil society: reflections on contrasting cases in Canada and Ireland. In: International Society for Third Sector Research. ISTR. 35 pp. [Conference contribution]

Acheson, Nicholas (2010) Welfare State Reform, compacts and restructuring relations between the state and the voluntary sector: reflections on Northern Ireland experience. Voluntary Sector Review: an international journal of third sector research, policy and practice, 1 (2). pp. 175-192. [Journal article]


Acheson, Nicholas (2008) PRIVATE CONCERNS AND PUBLIC ACTION: A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK AND AN IRISH ASIDE. Optimum Online: The Journal of Public Sector Management, 58 pp [Internet publication]

Acheson, Nicholas and Harvey, Brian (2008) Social Policy, Ageing and Voluntary Action. Institute of Public Administration. 258 pp ISBN 978-1-904541-73-8 [Book (authored)]

Acheson, Nicholas and Milofsky, Carl (2008) Peace Building and Participation in Northern Ireland: Local Social Movements and the Policy Process since the “Good Friday” Agreement. Ethnopolitics, 7 (1). pp. 63-80. [Journal article]


Acheson, Nicholas and Williamson, Arthur (2007) How Multi-level Public Policy Frames the Development of Civil Society Organisations: the case of Ireland, North and South. Policy & Politics 35, 1. Policy and Politics, 35 (1). pp. 25-44. [Journal article]


Acheson, Nicholas, Williamson, Arthur, Stringer, Maurice and Cairns, Ed (2006) Voluntary Action and Community Relations in Northern Ireland. Community Relations Council and the Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister. 147 pp. [Research report (external)]

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