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Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Joseph, Paul (2018) Thermal and Calorimetric Evaluations of Polyacrylonitrile Containing Covalently-Bound Phosphonate Groups. Polymers, 10 (2) (131). [Journal article]


Akinsanmi, Oluwashina, Coleman, Heather, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Arnscheidt, Joerg (2017) Removal of antibiotic residues from wastewater using ligno-cellulosic materials. In: SfAM’s Antimicrobial Resistance Conference 2017, London, UK. Society for Applied Microbiology. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Smith, Gregory, Hallett, James, Joseph, Paul, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana, Zhang, Tan, Blum, Frank and Eastoe, Julian (2017) Structural studies of thermally stable, combustion-resistant polymer composites. Polymer Journal, NA . NA-NA. [Journal article]

Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Joseph, Paul (2017) Thermal and Combustion Characteristics of Polyacrylonitrile Containing Covalently-bound Phosphonate Groups. In: Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials 17, Manchester, UK. University of Central Lancashire. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana, Maranne, Eric, Verbecke, Franck and Molkov, Vladimir (2017) Mixed e-learning and virtual reality pedagogical approach for innovative hydrogen safety training of first responders. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42 . pp. 7504-7512. [Journal article]


Joseph, Paul, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Zhang, Richao (2016) Techniques for Assessing the Combustion Behaviour of Polymeric Materials: Some Current Perspectives and Future Directions. Macromolecular Symposia, 362 . pp. 105-118. [Journal article]

Wilkinson, Allistair, Magee, Bryan, Woodward, David and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2016) Development of resilient and environmentally responsible highway infrastructure solutions using geopolymer cement concrete. In: Civil Engineering Research in Ireland 2016 (CERI2016) Conference, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland. Civil Engineering Research Association Ireland. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]


Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2015) Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimetric Studies on Phosphorus-modified Polymers Based on Acrylonitrile. In: 15th European Meeting on Fire Retardancy and Protection of Materials, Berlin, Germany. Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2015) Reactive routes to flame retard some chain-growth polymers: synthetic strategies and characterization techniques. In: 35th Australasian Polymer Symposium, Gold Coast, Australia. Flinders University. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]

Magee, Bryan, Wilkinson, Allistair, Woodward, David, Tret'yakova, Svetlana and Lemoine, Patrick (2015) Geopolymer Cement Concrete - An Emerging Technology for the Delivery of Resilient Highway Infrastructure Solutions. In: 2nd R.N. Raikar International Conference and Banthia- Basheer International Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology of Concrete, Mumbai, India. Indian chapter of the American Concrete Institute. 11 pp. [Conference contribution]

Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Joseph, Paul (2015) Melt-Flow Behaviours of Thermoplastic Materials under Fire Conditions: Recent Experimental Studies and Some Theoretical Approaches. Materials, 8 (12). pp. 8793-8803. [Journal article]

Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Joseph, Paul (2015) Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimetry Studies on Some Reactively Modified Polymers. Polymers, 7 (3). pp. 453-467. [Journal article]

Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana, Maranne, Eric, Verbecke, Franck, Bertau, Sebastien, Zanoto, Adrien, Li, Zhiyong, Makarov, Dmitriy, Kashkarov, Sergii, Molkov, Vladimir, Aly, Ahmed Essam, Dey, Randy and Lopez, Marc (2015) Towards the development of the European hydrogen safety training platform for first responders. In: WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS, Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany. Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH. 27 pp. [Conference contribution]

Wilkinson, Allistair, Woodward, David, Magee, Bryan and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2015) A state of the art review into the use of geopolymer cement for road applications. In: 6th International Conference on Bituminous Mixtures & Pavements, Thessaloniki, Greece. CRC Press / Balkema. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]


Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2014) The influence of B-cyclodextrin on the thermal degradation and combustion behaviours of acrylonitrile-based polymers. In: 3rd International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials and Technologies, Hefei, China. Organizing Committee of ISFMRT2014. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Joseph, Paul, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Zhang, Richao (2014) Characterization Techniques for Assessing the Combustion Behaviours of Polymeric Materials. In: Third International Conference on Polymer Processing and Characterization, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India. International and Inter University Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]


Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2013) Chemical modification of natural and synthetic textile fibres to improve flame retardancy. In: Handbook of fire resistant textiles. Woodhead Publishing, New Delhi, pp. 37-67. ISBN 978-0-85709-123-9 [Book section]


Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2012) Combustion behaviours of chemically modified polyacrylonitrile polymers containing phosphorylamino groups. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 97 (12). pp. 2531-2535. [Journal article]

Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2012) Mechanistic Aspects of Flame Retardation by Phosphorus-Containing Groups in Some Chain Growth Polymers. In: Fire and Polymers VI: New Advances in Flame Retardant Chemistry and Science. (Eds: Morgan, A. B, Wilkie, C. A and Nelson, G. L), ACS Publications, pp. 37-50. ISBN 978-0-8412-2780-4 [Book section]

Joseph, Paul, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and McKenna, Siobhan (2012) Characterization of cellulosic wastes and gasification products from chicken farms. Waste Management, 32 (4). pp. 701-709. [Journal article]


Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2011) Reactive modifications of some chain- and step-growth polymers with phosphorus-containing compounds: effects on flame retardance—a review. Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 22 (4). pp. 395-406. [Journal article]


Grinshpan, D.D., Savitskaya, T.A., Tsygankova, N.G., Makarevich, S.E., Tretsiakova, S.M. and Nevar, T.N. (2010) Cellulose Acetate Sulfate as a Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyelectrolyte: Synthesis, Properties, and Application. International Journal of Polymer Science, 2010 . pp. 1-17. [Journal article]

Joseph, Paul and Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana (2010) Sustainable Non-Metallic Building Materials. Sustainability, 2 (2). pp. 400-427. [Journal article]


Grinshpan, D. D., Tret'yakova, Svetlana, Tsygankova, N. G., Makarevich, S. E. and Savitskaya, T. A. (2005) Rheological studies of high-concentration cellulose sulfate-acetate solutions. Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics, 78 (5). pp. 878-884. [Journal article]

Grinshpan, DD, Tret'yakova, Svetlana, Tsygankova, NG, Makarevich, SE and Savitskaya, TA (2005) Phase equilibria in sodium salt of cellulose acetate sulfate-water-alcohol systems and a criterion of the formation of the liquid crystalline state. RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 79 (11). pp. 1728-1733. [Journal article]

Tret'yakova, Svetlana, Tsygankova, N.G., Selevich, A.F., Klavsut, G.N., Savitskaya, T.A. and Grinshpan, D.D. (2005) Thermal properties of films and solutions of cellulose acetate sulfate. Polymer Science, Ser.B., 47 (5-6). pp. 155-158. [Journal article]


Grinshpan, DD, Tsygankova, NG, Tret'yakova, Svetlana and Savitskaya, TA (2002) The formation of a lyotropic mesophase in aqueous solutions of the sodium salt of cellulose acetate sulfate. POLYMER SCIENCE SERIES B, 44 (1-2). pp. 23-26. [Journal article]


Savitskaya, TA, Epshtein, OL, Kulinkovich, OG and Tret'yakova, Svetlana (2000) Dynamic membranes based on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-heptadecyl vinyl ketone): Preparation and properties. COLLOID JOURNAL, 62 (6). pp. 746-750. [Journal article]

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