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Akser, M, Bridges, B, Campo, G, Cheddad, A, Curran, KJ, Fitzpatrick, L, Hamilton, L, Harding, J, Leath, T, Lunney, TF, Lyons, F, Ma, M, Macrae, J, Maguire, T, McCaughey, A, McClory, E, McCollum, V, McKevitt, P, Melvin, A, Moore, P, Mulholland, E, Munoz, K, O'Hanlon, G and Roman, L (2017) SceneMaker: creative technology for digital StoryTelling. In: Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation, Proc. of the 5th EAI International Conference on ArtsIT, Interactivity and Game Creation (ArtsIT-2016) and 1st EAI International Conference on Design, Learning and Innovation (DLI-2016). (Eds: Brooks, A.L. and Brooks, E.), Springer, Berlin, pp. 29-38. ISBN 978-3-319-55834-9 [Book section]

Bridges, B (2017) Tracing Beijing. [Composition]

Bridges, Brian and Melvin, Adam (2017) Embodied Crosstalk and Psycho–technological Spaces: applying embodied image schema theory to the audiovisual language of Enemy (dir. Villeneuve, 2013). In: Cinesonika 5: International Soundtrack Conference and Festival, Ball State University, Indiana, USA. Ball State University. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Graham, Richard, Bridges, Brian, Manzione, Christopher and Brent, William (2017) Exploring Pitch and Timbre through 3D Spaces: Embodied Models in Virtual Reality as a Basis for Performance Systems Design. In: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2017, Aalborg University, Denmark. Aalborg University, Denmark. 534 pp. [Conference contribution]


Bridges, B (2016) Anthem for Diffuse Territories. [Composition]

Bridges, Brian (2016) Borders of the Past. [Composition]

Bridges, Brian and Graham, Ricky (2016) Sounding Metaphors in Early Electronic Music’s History: the Interaction of Technological Affordances, Conceptual Metaphors and Aesthetics. In: Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II: A Festival of Sound Art and Electronic Instruments, Dublin (organised by Trinity College Dublin Department of Music, event in Freemasons Hall). https://ideosite.wordpress.com/. 16 pp. [Conference contribution]

Bridges, Brian and McLaughlin, Joe (2016) Anthem and Icon. Thatched Cottage, Craft Village, Derry [Installation]

Graham, Richard and Bridges, Brian (2016) Competing Attractions, Orbital Decay and the Music of the Spheres: Force–based relational dynamics for organizing space and timbre in performance using physical modelling. In: Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Annual Conference, Seoul National University. Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Annual Conference. 8 pp. [Conference contribution]

Roddy, Stephen and Bridges, Brian (2016) Sounding Human with Data: The Role of Embodied Conceptual Metaphors and Aesthetics in Representing and Exploring Data Sets. In: MusTWork16 – Music Technology Workshop 2016: Establishing a Partnership Between Music Technology, Business Analytics and Industry in Ireland, University College Dublin. University College Dublin. Vol 1 85 pp. [Conference contribution]


Bridges, Brian and Graham, Ricky (2015) Electroacoustic Music as Embodied Cognitive Praxis: Denis Smalley’s theory of spectromorphology as an implicit theory of embodied cognition. In: EMS15 The Art of Electroaoustic Music, University of Sheffield, UK. Electroacoustic Music Studies Network. [Conference contribution]

Graham, Ricky and Bridges, Brian (2015) Managing Musical Complexity with Embodied Metaphors. In: New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2015, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Louisiana State University. 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

Lyons, Frank, Bridges, Brian and McCloskey, Brendan (2015) Accessibility and dimensionality: enhanced real time creative independence for digital musicians with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Proceedings NIME 2015 Scientific Program, 1 . pp. 1-4. [Journal article]


Graham, Ricky and Bridges, Brian (2014) Gesture and Embodied Metaphor in Spatial Music Performance Systems Design. In: NIME 2014 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Goldsmiths, University of London. Goldsmiths University of London. 655 pp. [Conference contribution]

Graham, Ricky and Bridges, Brian (2014) Strategies for spatial music performance: the practicalities and aesthetics of responsive systems design. Divergence Press, 3 (Dec 20). [Journal article]


Bridges, Brian (2013) Ripples of Inertia Bells. [Composition]

Graham, Ricky and Bridges, Brian (2013) Mapping and Meaning: Embodied Metaphors and Non–localized Structures in Performance SystemDesign. In: Re-New 2013 Digital Arts Festival and Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. Re-New Digital Arts Forum. Vol 1 (1) 344 pp. [Conference contribution]


Bridges, Brian (2012) A Space for Tension. [Composition]


Bridges, Brian (2011) Collapsing Old Buildings (for G.F. Handel). Contemporary Music Centre, Fishamble Street, Dublin [Installation]


Bridges, Brian (2010) Can Sound Function in Music? In: Society for Musicology in Ireland 2010 Annual Conference, University of Ulster, Magee campus. Society for Musicology in Ireland. 6 pp. [Conference contribution]

Bridges, Brian (2010) Making Ghosts from Empty Landscapes. [Composition]


Bridges, Brian (2009) 'Conduit'. [Digital or visual media]

Bridges, Brian (2009) 'Spectral Space'. Contemporary Music Centre, Fishamble Street, Dublin 8. [Exhibition]

Lyons, Frank, Moore, Paul, Bridges, Brian and O'Hanlon, Greg (2009) 'The River Sings'. Void Gallery. [Exhibition]

Moore, Paul, Lyons, Frank, Bridges, Brian and O'Hanlon, Greg (2009) The River Sings. The Void Gallery [Installation]


Bridges, Brian (2008) Can Harmony Be Non–Linear? Issues in Microtonal Composition and Perception in Response to Glenn Branca’s ‘25 Questions’. In: Society for Musicology in Ireland Annual Conference 2008, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Society for Musicology in Ireland. 4 pp. [Conference contribution]

Bridges, Brian (2008) 'Flatlining'. [Artefact]

Bridges, Brian (2008) Product of Culture-Clash: social scene, patronage and group dynamics in the early New York Downtown scene and the Theatre of Eternal Music. Maynooth Musicology (Postgraduate Journal), 1 (1). pp. 1-21. [Journal article]


Bridges, Brian and Fabricatore, Libby (2007) 'Structure Fatigue' (audiovisual composition). [Digital or visual media]

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