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Book section

Daly, K., Richards, K., Mellander, P.-E., Jordan, P., Ó hUallacháin, D., Sheriff, S., Vero, S. E. and Fenton, O. (2018) Soils and Water Quality. In: Soils of Ireland. (Eds: Creamer, R. and O’Sullivan, L.), Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 235-243. ISBN 978-3-319-71189-8 [Book section]

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Conference contribution

Cartwright, Allison, Arnscheidt, Joerg, Dooley, James and McGonigle, Chris (2018) Antimicrobial effects of freshwater sponge extracts from laboratory grown and riverine sponges. In: SfAM 7th ECS research symposium, Birmingham. SfAM. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Akinsanmi, Oluwashina, Coleman, Heather, Tretsiakova-McNally, Svetlana and Arnscheidt, Joerg (2017) Removal of antibiotic residues from wastewater using ligno-cellulosic materials. In: SfAM’s Antimicrobial Resistance Conference 2017, London, UK. Society for Applied Microbiology. 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Cartwright, Allison, Daniels, Victoria, Conwell, Michael, Arnscheidt, Joerg, Dooley, James, Naughton, Patrick and McGonigle, Chris (2017) Do freshwater sponges facilitate the transfer of antibiotic resistance in water-borne Enterococcus faecalis isolated from wastewater? In: SfAM antimicrobial resistance conference 2017: Meeting the challenge, London. sfAM. (17) 2 pp. [Conference contribution]

Journal article

Bieroza, M.Z., Heathwaite, A.L., Bechmann, M., Kyllmar, K. and Jordan, P. (2018) The concentration-discharge slope as a tool for water quality management. Science of The Total Environment, 630 . 738 - 749. [Journal article]

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