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Adair, Alastair, Downie, Mary Lou, McGreal, Stanley and Vos, Gerjan, eds. (1996) European Valuation Practice Theory and Techniques. London. 324 pp. E & FN Spon. ISBN 0-419-20040-1 [Book (edited)]

Aughey, Arthur and Morrow, Duncan, eds. (1996) Northern Ireland Politics. London and New York. 247 pp. Longman. ISBN 0 582 25346 2 [Book (edited)]

Morrow, Duncan (1996) Filling the Gap: Policy and Pressure under Direct Rule. In: Northern Ireland Politics. (Eds: Aughey, Arthur and Morrow, Duncan), Longman, London and New York, pp. 130-141. ISBN 9780582253469 [Book section]

Morrow, Duncan (1996) Northern Ireland 1972-1995. In: Northern Ireland Politics. (Eds: Aughey, Arthur and Morrow, Duncan), Longman, London and New York, pp. 28-39. ISBN 9780582253469 [Book section]


Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (1996) American Literature to 1900. In: Introducing Literary Studies. (Eds: Bradford, Richard), Harvester Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead, pp. 368-409. ISBN 0-13-355223-3 [Book section]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (1996) Modern American Literature. In: Introducing Literary Studies. (Eds: Bradford, Richard), Harvester Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead, pp. 368-409. ISBN 0-13-355223-3 [Book section]


Campbell, Colm, Boyle, Kevin and Hadden, Tom, eds. (1996) The Protection of Human Rights in the Context of Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland. 113 pp. Stationery Office Books. ISBN 9780707623085 [Book (edited)]

Campbell, Colm, Schulze, Kirsten E and Stokes, Martin, eds. (1996) Nationalism and Minorities in the Middle East: Identities and Rights. 266 pp. I.B. Tauris, London. ISBN 978-1860640520 [Book (edited)]

Donnelly, R, Mulvenna, Maurice and Hughes, John (1996) Planning and Development of an Interactive Computerised Assessment System. In: Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 96 & ED-TELECOM 96— World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia & World Conference on Educational Telecommunications. (Eds: Carlson, P and Makedon, F), AACE, Boston, Mass., USA, pp. 760-761. ISBN 1-880094-21-5 [Book section]

Escalona, OJ (1996) Incidence of chaotic behaviour of ventricular late potentials on patient's susceptibility to a catastrophic arrhythmia. In: International Conference on Simulation Modelling in Bioengineering, BIOSIM 96, Merida, Venezuela. Computational Mechanics Publ,Southampton, United Kingdom. Vol 1 (1) 10 pp. [Conference contribution]

Hainsworth, Paul (1996) The Front National and the New World Order. In: France: From the Cold War to the New World Order. (Eds: Chafer, Tony and Jenkins, Brian), Macmillan, pp. 193-206. ISBN 0-333-63666-X [Book section]


Dickson, David, Hargie, Owen and Morrow, Norman, eds. (1996) Communication Skills Training for Health Professionals. London. 422 pp. Chapman & Hall. ISBN 0412614502 [Book (edited)]


Ekins, Richard and King, Dave, eds. (1996) Blending Genders: Social Aspects of Cross-Dressing and Sex-Changing. London and New York. 278 pp. Routledge. ISBN 0-415-11551-5 [Book (edited)]


Gillespie, John H and McKee, Jane (1996) ''The Text Analysis Program: Moving Closer to the Computer-Based Language Classroom'. In: Proceedings, EUROCALL95 -Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Focus in Integration. (Eds: Gimeno, Ana), Universidad Polytéchnica de Valencia, pp. 133-145. ISBN 84-7721-421-2 [Book section]


Boyd, Stephen and Butler, Richard (1996) Seeing the forest through the trees: using GIS to identify potential ecotourism sites in Northern Ontario. In: Practicing Responsible Tourism: International case studies in tourism planning, policy and development. (Eds: Harrison, L.C. and Husbands, W.), John Wiley and Sons, New York, pp. 380-403. ISBN 0-471-12236-X [Book section]

McLoone, Martin (1996) Boxed In? The Aesthetics of Film and Television. In: Big Picture, Small Screen: The Relations Between Film and Television. (Eds: Hill, John and McLoone, Martin), John Libbey Media, pp. 76-106. ISBN 1-86020-005-2 [Book section]

Mulvenna, Maurice, McIvor, Ronan, Leahy, D.G., Allan, J.R.C, Büchner, A.G., Gilmore, M and Hughes, J.G. (1996) How Knowledge Based Systems Support Business Process Re-engineering. In: Re-Engineering for World Class Manufacturing, Proceedings of IMC-13. (Eds: Hillery, M.T.), University of Limerick, Limerick, pp. 309-318. ISBN 1-874653-38-0 [Book section]

Offer, John (1996) Spencer, private beneficence and informal welfare: a centennial re-evaluation. In: Contemporary Political Studies, 1996. (Eds: Hampsher-Monk, Ian and Stanyer, Jeffrey), Political Studies Association, pp. 1493-1507. ISBN 0 9523150 7 6 [Book section]


Nixon, Patrick and Shi, Lihua (1996) Concurrent semantics for structured design methods. In: Software engineering for parallel and distributed systems: Proceedings of the First IFIP TC10 International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Software Engineering, Berlin. Chapman & Hall. 12 pp. [Conference contribution]


Barnett, Richard and Carmichael, Paul (1996) Local Government. In: Public Services Yearbook 1996-97. (Eds: Jackson, P and Lavender, M), Pitman, pp. 101-114. ISBN 9780273623571 [Book section]

Jedrzejewski, Jan (1996) Thomas Hardy: Outside the Gates of the World: Selected Short Stories. [Scholarly edition]


Leslie, Julian, ed. (1996) Contemporary ethical issues for psychologists. Special Issue. 106 pp. Irish Journal of Psychology. ISBN 0950457086 [Book (edited)]

Mulvenna, Maurice, Murphy, M. and Hughes, J. G. (1996) Rule subsumption in object bases. In: Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Expert Systems. (Eds: Lee, J. K., Liebowitz, J. and Chae, Y. M.), Cognizant Communication Corp, Seoul, South Korea, pp. 1106-1113. ISBN 1-882345-04-5 [Book section]


McLoone, Martin, ed. (1996) Public Service Broadcasting in a Divided Community: Seventy Years of the BBC in Northern Ireland. 179 pp. QUB Institute of Irish Studies. ISBN 085389 620 8 [Book (edited)]

McLoone, Martin and Hill, John, eds. (1996) Big Picture, Small Screen. 269 pp. John Libbey Media. ISBN 1-86020-005-2 [Book (edited)]

McLoone, Martin (1996) The Construction of a Partitionist Mentality: Early Broadcasting in Ireland. In: Broadcasting in a Divided Community: Seventy Years of the BBC in Northern Ireland. (Eds: McLoone, Martin), QUB Insitute of Irish Studies, pp. 20-34. ISBN 085389-620-8 [Book section]

McLoone, Martin (1996) Drama out of a Crisis: BBC Television Drama and the Northern Ireland Troubles. In: Broadcasting in a Divided Community: Seventy Years of the BBC in Northern Ireland. (Eds: McLoone, Martin), QUB Insitute of Irish Studies, pp. 20-34. ISBN 085389-620-8 [Book section]


Nic Craith, Máiréad, ed. (1996) Watching One's Tongue: Aspects of Romance and Celtic Languages. 272 pp. Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9780853236214 [Book (edited)]

Nic Craith, Máiréad, ed. (1996) Watching One's Tongue: Issues in Language Planning. 272 pp. Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9780853236115 [Book (edited)]

Nic Craith, Máiréad and Shuttleworth, Iain (1996) Irish in Northern Ireland: the 1991 Census. In: Watching One’s Tongue: Aspects of Celtic and Romance Languages. (Eds: Nic Craith, Máiréad), Liverpool University Press, pp. 163-173. ISBN 9780853236214 [Book section]


Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (1996) The changing-loudness aftereffect and dynamic spatial perception. In: Fourth European Workshop on Ecological Perception. (Eds: Overbeeke, K.), Delft University Press, Delft, Netherlands, pp. 77-80. ISBN 90-407-1352-9 [Book section]


Gillespie, John H (1996) The Integration of CALL tools into the Modern Languages Curriculum: A Case Study. In: Technology Enhanced Language Learning in Theory and Practice, Proceedings of EUROCALL 1994. (Eds: Rüschoff, Bernd and Wolff, Dieter), Pädagogische Hochschule, Karlsruhe/Eurocall, pp. 143-156. ISBN 0-9520183-6-5 [Book section]

Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony and Ehrenstein, Walter H. (1996) Depth perception and stereoscopic systems for minimally invasive surgery. In: Contemporary Ergonomics 1996. (Eds: Robertson, S.), Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 391-396. ISBN 0-7484-0549-6 [Book section]


Mulvenna, Maurice, McIvor, Ronan, Ward, Anne-Marie and Hughes, John (1996) The Application of Case Based Reasoning to the Interpretation of Financial Data for Acquisition Analysis. In: 2nd International Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting, Finance and Tax, Huelva, Spain. Colegio de Economistas de Huelva, Spain. 19 pp. [Conference contribution]


Knox, Colin and O'Reilly, Dolores (1996) Northern Ireland: Second-order retrenchment. In: Choosing Europe: The European Electorate and National Politics in the Face of the Union. (Eds: van der Eijk, Chris and Franklin, Mark), Ann Arbour, University of Michigan Press, pp. 227-241. ISBN 0-472-10357-1 [Book section]


Barron, N, Brady, D, Love, G, Marchant, R, Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam, McHale, L and McHale, AP (1996) Alginate immobilised thermotolerant yeast for conversion of cellulose to ethanol. In: Progress in Biotechnology, Vol 11 - Immobilised cells: Basics & Applications. (Eds: Wijffels, RH, Buitelaar, RM, Bucke, C and Tramper, J), Elsevier Science BV - Progress in Biotechnology, pp. 379-383. ISBN Elsevier Science BV [Book section]

Bola, M., Campos, A. B., Carabine, J., Doherty, K., Frith, H., McNulty, A., Reilly, Jacqueline and Winn, J. (1996) Speaking of Representing the Other: Celia Kitzinger in conversation with... In: Representing the Other: A ‘Feminism & Psychology’ Reader. (Eds: Wilkinson, S. and Kitzinger, C.), Sage, pp. 175-191. ISBN 0 7619 5228 4 [Book section]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (1996) entries on Heaney, Hewitt, Montague, Muldoon, Kinsella, Ormsby, McGuckian, Dawe, Rogers, Fiacc, et al. In: Oxford Companion to Irish Literature. (Eds: Welch, Robert), Oxford University Press, pp. 1-613. ISBN 0-19-866158-4 [Book section]

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