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Ashe et al., Fidelma, ed. (1999) Contemporary Social and Political Theory: An Introduction. 230 pp. Open University Press. ISBN 0335196241 [Book (edited)]

Ashe, Fidelma (1999) The Subject. In: Contemporary Social and Political Thought: An Introduction. (Eds: Ashe et al, Fidelma), Open University, pp. 88-110. ISBN 0335196241 [Book section]

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Nic Craith, Máiréad (1999) Linguistic Policy in Ireland and the Creation of a Border. In: The Irish Border: History, Politics, Culture. (Eds: Anderson, Malcolm and Bort, Eberhard), Liverpool University Press, pp. 175-200. ISBN 9780853239512 [Book section]


Berry, JN and McGreal, WS, eds. (1999) Cities in the Pacific Rim: Planning systems and property markets. 374 pp. E & FN Spon. ISBN 0-419-24280-5 [Book (edited)]

Hargie, Owen and Tourish, Dennis (1999) Internal Communications and the Management of Change. In: Implementing Change with Clinical Audit. (Eds: Baker,, Richard, Hearnshaw, Hilary and Robertson,, Noelle), Wiley, Chichester., pp. 145-166. ISBN 0471982571 [Book section]

Maclaran, Pauline and Stevens, Lorna M. R. (1999) Romancing the Utopian Marketplace: Dallying with Bakhtin in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. In: Romancing the Market. (Eds: Brown, Stephen, Doherty, A. M. and Clarke, B.), Routledge, London, pp. 172-186. ISBN 0-415-1841-7 hb; 0-415-18418-5 pb [Book section]


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Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (1999) Frank O'Connor's 'War Book': Guests of the Nation. In: Modern Irish Writers and the Wars. (Eds: Devine, Kathleen), Colin Smythe, Gerrards Cross, pp. 102-132. ISBN 0-86140-353-3 [Book section]


McCully, Alan, O'Doherty, Marian and Smyth, Paul (1999) The Speak Your Piece Project: Exploring controversial issues in Northern Ireland. In: Peacebuilding for Adolescents: Strategies for Teachers and Community Leaders. (Eds: Forcey, Linda and Harris, Ian), Peter Lang, pp. 119-138. ISBN 082043745X [Book section]


Moore, A, Parr, G, McCormick, D and McAlister, S (1999) Integrated Regional Development Support System (IRDSS). In: Innovations in GIS - Integrating Information Infrastructures with GIS Technology. (Eds: Gittings, B), Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 93-103. ISBN 978-0748408863 [Book section]


Knox, Colin, Hughes, Joanne and Murray, Michael (1999) Reshaping local governance in a divided society: district partnerships in Northern Ireland. In: Community Economic Development: Linking the grassroots to regional economic development. (Eds: Haughton, Graham), The Stationery Office, pp. 79-93. ISBN 0117023779 [Book section]

Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (1999) Seatbelts and the effects of 'looming'. In: Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. (Eds: Harris, D.), Ashgrove, Aldershot, UK, pp. 337-344. ISBN 1-84014-546-3 [Book section]


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Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer, ed. (1999) Icon Critical Guides: The Scarlet Letter. Cambridge. 208 pp. Icon Books. ISBN 1 84046 041 5 [Book (edited)]

Ayre, Nicola (1999) Consensus management in a generic management support tool. In: Managing Information Technology Resources in Organisations in the Next Millennium, Information Resources Management Association International Conference. Idea Group Publishing. 3 pp. [Conference contribution]

Ayre, Nicola and Wingfield, Edward (1999) C by active learning a web-based interactive c programming tutor. In: Managing Information Technology Resources in Organisations in the Next Millennium, Information Resources Management Association International Conference. Idea Group Publishing. 8 pp. [Conference contribution]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (1999) 'The Necessity for Paganism': Brian Friel's 'Wonderful Tennessee. In: Twentieth-Century Theatre and Drama in English. (Eds: Kamm, Jurgen), Wissenshhlaftlicher Verlag Trier, pp. 513-627. ISBN 3-88476-333-4 [Book section]

Knight, J, McCarron, SG and McCabe, AM (1999) Landform modification by palaeo-ice streams in east-central Ireland. In: International Symposium on Glaciers and the Glaciated Landscape, Kiruna, Sweden. International Geological Society. Vol 28 290 pp. [Conference contribution]

Young, Ian, McCullagh, Paul and Kernohan, George (1999) WWW as a teaching resource for introductory medical informatics in primary care. In: Medical Informatics Europe Conference '99 (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) [Illustrated] (Hardcover). (Eds: Kokol, P, Zupan, B, Stare, J, Premik, M and Engelbrecht, R), I OS Press, pp. 472-477. ISBN 0967335515 [Book section]


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Hargie, Owen and Tourish, Dennis (1999) The Psychology of Interpersonal Skill. In: Handbook of the Psychology of Interviewing. (Eds: Memon, Amina and Bull, Ray), Wiley, Chichester, pp. 71-88. ISBN 978-0471498889 [Book section]

McCracken, Kathleen (1999) Poetic Documentary: The Films of John T Davis. In: Contemporary Irish Cinema: From the Quiet Man to Dancing at Lughnasa. (Eds: McKillop, James), Syracuse University Press, pp. 11-21. ISBN 0-8156-0568-4 [Book section]

McLoone, Martin (1999) December Bride: A Landscape Peopled Differently. In: Contemporary Irish Cinema. (Eds: MacKillop, James), Syracuse University Press, pp. 40-53. ISBN 0-8156-2798-X (cloth) 0-8156-0568-4 (paper) [Book section]


Cook, S, Moore, AJ and Poole, MA (1999) Methodological Issues in a Crossborder Investigation of Poverty in Ireland. In: Poor people, poor places: the geography of poverty and deprivation in Ireland. (Eds: Pringle, Dennis, Walsh, Jim and Hennessy, Mark), Oak Tree Press in association with the Geographical Society of Ireland, pp. 75-94. ISBN 978 1 86076 108 9 [Book section]

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Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam and Singh,, D (1999) Characteristics and Techniques of fermentation systems. In: Biotechnology: Food Fermentation. (Eds: Pandey, A. and Joshi, V. K.), Educational Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, India, 427 -466. ISBN 81-87198-05-2 [Book section]


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Bairner, Alan and Darby, Paul (1999) Divided Sport in a Divided Society: Northern Ireland. In: Sport in Divided Societies. (Eds: Sugden, John and Bairner, Alan), Meyer and Meyer, pp. 51-72. ISBN 3-89124-445-2 [Book section]

McClintock, T., Shields, T. J., Leslie, Julian and Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (1999) Dishabituation and stimlus equivalence could make all exits familiar. In: Proceedings of third postgraduate research conference. (Eds: Shields, TJ), School of Built Environment, University of Ulster, Jordanstown, pp. 34-41. ISBN 1-85923-1365 [Book section]

O'Connor, Julia S (1999) Employment Equality Strategies in Liberal Welfare States. In: Gender and Welfare State Regimes. (Eds: Sainsbury, Diane), Oxford University Press, pp. 47-74. ISBN 13: 978-0-19-829416-0 [Book section]

Vivekanandaraja, P., Shields, T. J. and Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (1999) Effect of impaired acuity on locomotion inside the built environment. In: Proceedings of third postgraduate research conference. (Eds: Shields, T. J.), School of Built Environment, University of Ulster, Jordanstown, pp. 48-60. ISBN 1-185923-1365 [Book section]


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Devlin Trew, Johanne (1999) Canada. In: The companion to Irish traditional music. (Eds: Vallely, Fintan), Cork University Press, pp. 50-51. ISBN 1859181481 [Book section]

Devlin Trew, Johanne (1999) Ottawa Valley fiddling. In: Crosbhealach an cheoil : The Crossroads Conference 1996 : tradition and change in Irish traditional music. (Eds: Vallely, Fintan, Hamilton, Samuel 'Hammy', Vallely, Eithne and Doherty, Liz), Whinstone Music, pp. 214-218. ISBN 0000000000 [Book section]

McMahon-Beattie, Una, Donaghy, K and Yeoman, I (1999) Yield Management in Hotels. In: Accommodation Management, Perspectives for the International Hotel Industry. (Eds: Verginis, C.S. and Wood, R.C), International Thompson Business Press, London, pp. 216-226. ISBN 1-861152-489-7 [Book section]


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Xu, Y, Qin, KY and Liu, J, eds. (1999) Fuzzy Pattern Recognition: Theory and Applications. Chengdu, China. 400 pp. in Chinese, an edited book published by Press of Southwest Jiaotong University. ISBN 7-81057-241-5 [Book (edited)]

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