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Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, Mooney, MH, O'Harte, Finbarr and Flatt, Peter (1999) N-terminal glycation of CCK-8 abolishes its insulinotropic action on clonal B-cells. DIABETOLOGIA, 42 (Suppl.). p. 545. [Journal article]

Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, O'Harte, Finbarr, Mooney, MH, Conlon, JM and Flatt, Peter (1999) N-terminal glycation of cholecystokinin-8 abolishes its insulinotropic action on clonal pancreatic B-cells. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH, 1452 (1). pp. 60-67. [Journal article]

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Adair, A, McGreal, S and Brown, L (1999) Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index for Q4 1999 Report 61. Northern Ireland Housing Executive. University of Ulster. 27 pp. [Research report (external)]

Adair, A, McGreal, S and McCafferty, C (1999) Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index for Q1 1999 Report 58. Northern Ireland Housing Executive. University of Ulster. 27 pp. [Research report (external)]

Adair, A, McGreal, S and McCafferty, C (1999) Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index for Q2 1999 Report 59. Northern Ireland Housing Executive. University of Ulster. 27 pp. [Research report (external)]

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Ayre, Nicola and Wingfield, Edward (1999) C by active learning a web-based interactive c programming tutor. In: Managing Information Technology Resources in Organisations in the Next Millennium, Information Resources Management Association International Conference. Idea Group Publishing. 8 pp. [Conference contribution]


Bachrati, CZ, Downes, Stephen and Rasko, I (1999) Chemical reverse transformation of CHO-K1 cells induces changes in expression of a candidate tumour suppressor and of a gene not previously characterised as transformation related. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, 78 (8). pp. 561-566. [Journal article]

Bailey, F and Shevlin, Mark (1999) Qualitative vs. quantitative research - real implications. PSYCHOLOGIST, 12 (12). pp. 584-585. [Journal article]

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Banat, IM, McMullan, G., Kirby, N., Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam, Smyth, F. and Marchant, R. (1999) Overview of work at University of Ulster on Microbial decolourisation of textile dyes present in textile industries effluent. In: The Industrial waste technical conference, Water Environment Federation/ Purdue, Indianapolis, Indiana. June 27-30, 1999, Water Environment Federation/ Purdue, Indianapolis, Indiana.. Water Environment Federation/ Purdue, Indianapolis, Indiana.. 16 pp. [Conference contribution]

Barnes, PD, O'Brien, RE, Abdel-Wahab, Yasser, Cosgrove, KE, Flatt, Peter and Dunne, MJ (1999) Hydrochlorothiazide: An hyperglycaemia-inducing agent and K-ATP channel agonist in human beta-cells and clonal insulin-secreting cells. DIABETOLOGIA, 42 (Suppl.). p. 482. [Journal article]

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Berry, JN, McGreal, WS and Scales, P (1999) Cities in the Pacific Rim: the relationship between planning systems, property markets and real estate investment. In: Cities in the Pacific Rim: Planning systems and property markets. E & FN Spon, pp. 1-21. ISBN 0-419-24280-5 [Book section]

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Bi, Yaxin, Murtagh, F., McClean, S. and Anderson, T. (1999) Text Passage Classification Using Supervised Learning. In: Workshop on Logical and Uncertainty Models for Information Systems. Workshop on Logical and Uncertainty Models for Information Systems. 12 pp. [Conference contribution]

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