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Ebdon, J. R, Bunt, B.J, Joseph, P and Konkel, C. S (2001) Flame-retarding Thermoplastics: Additive versus Reactive Approach. In: Speciality Polymer Additives: Principles and Applications. (Eds: Al-Malaika, S, Golovoy, A and Wilkie, C. A), Blackwell Science, pp. 231-257. ISBN 0-632-05897-8 [Book section]

Odeyinka, Henry and Lowe, John (2001) An Evaluation of Methodological Issues for Assessing Risk Impacts on Construction Cash Flow Forecast. In: ARCOM Seventeenth Annual Conference. (Eds: Akintoye, Akintola), Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Reading, pp. 381-389. ISBN 0 9534161 6 X [Book section]


Breen, Colin, ed. (2001) Integrated Marine Archaeological Investigations of the Historic Shipwreck 'La Surveillante'. 140 pp. Impact. ISBN 1 85923 153 5 [Book (edited)]

Andrews, Elmer (2001) Stewart Parker. In: British and Irish Dramatists since World War II. (Eds: Bull, John), Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, pp. 299-309. ISBN 0-7876-4662-8 [Book section]

Broendsted, T, Dalsgaard, P, Larsen, LB, Manthey, M, McKevitt, P, Moeslund, TB and Olesen, KG (2001) The IntelliMedia Workbench - an environment for building multimodal systems. In: Cooperative Multimodal Communication: Second International Conference, CMC'98, Tilburg, The Netherlands, January 1998, Selected Papers. (Eds: Bunt, H and Beun, R-J), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany, pp. 217-233. ISBN 978-3-540-42806-2 [Book section]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (2001) Antic Dispositions in Some Recent Irish Fiction: Robert MacLiam Wilson's 'Ripley Bogle', Patrick McCabe's 'The Butcher Boy', and Eoin McNamee's 'Resurrection Man'. In: Last Before America: Irish and American Writing. (Eds: Brearton, Fran and Hughes, Eamonn), Blackstaff, Belfast, pp. 121-142. ISBN 0-85640-701-1 [Book section]

Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Protestantische Felder in katholischer Wildnis: Zur Politisierung der Kulturlandschaft in Ulster. In: Natur – Kultur. Volkskundliche Perspektiven auf Mensch und Umwelt. (Eds: Brednich, Rolf, Schneider, Annette and Werner, Ute), Waxmann, pp. 125-138. ISBN 3-8309-1100-9 [Book section]

Leavey, Gerard (2001) Too close for comfort: Mental illness and the Irish in Britain. In: Colonialism and Psychiatry. (Eds: Bhugra, D and Littlewood, R), Oxford University Press, New Delhi, pp. 1-272. ISBN 019565286X [Book section]

McClintock, T., Shields, T. J., Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony and Leslie, J.C. (2001) A review of behavioural approaches to increasing the efficacy of emergency exit provision. In: Third International Seminar on Fire and Explosions Hazards Conference. (Eds: Bradley, D., Graham, T. and Makhvilasze, G.), University of Central Lancashire, pp. 877-884. ISBN 1-90192-218-9 [Book section]

Quinn, R, Rooney, S, Barton, K, O' Hara, D and Sheehan, K (2001) An integrated marine geophysical investigation of the 'La Surveillante' wreck-site. In: Integrated Marine Investigations on the Historic Shipwreck 'La Surveillante'. (Eds: Breen, C), Impact Printing, pp. 45-54. ISBN 1 85923 153 5 [Book section]

Shields, TJ and Boyce, KE (2001) Unannounced Evacuation of a Large Urban Retail Store. In: Fire and Explosion Hazards - Proceedings of the Third International Seminar. (Eds: Bradley, D, Drysdale, D and Makhviladze, G), University of Central Lancashire (Centre for Resarch in Fire and Explosion Studies), pp. 885-895. ISBN 1 9019 22170 [Book section]

Upton, Carole-Anne (2001) Ann Devlin. In: British and Irish Dramatists since World War II. (Eds: Bull, John), Gale, pp. 121-128. ISBN 0-7876-4662-8 [Book section]

Upton, Carole-Anne (2001) Marina Carr. In: British and Irish Dramatists since World War II. (Eds: Bull, John), Gale, pp. 75-80. ISBN 0-7876-4662-8 [Book section]

Vivekanandaraja, P., Shields, T. J., Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony and Anderson, Roger (2001) Effect of impaired visual acuity on locomotion inside the built environment. In: Third International Seminar of Fire and Explosions Hazards Conference. (Eds: Bradley, D., Graham, T. and Makhvilasze, G), University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK, pp. 897-908. ISBN 1-90192-218-9 [Book section]


Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony (2001) Motion Parallax. In: Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioural Science, Third Edition. (Eds: Craighead, W. E. and Nemeroff, C. B.), Wiley, New York, pp. 977-979. ISBN 0-471-23949-6 [Book section]


Ó Dochartaigh, Pól (2001) Zionism bad, Zionists ... good? Two GDR historical novels as journalism: Arnold Zweig’s Traum ist teuer and Rudolf Hirsch’s Patria Israel. In: The German Historical Novel. (Eds: Durrani, Osman and Preece, Julian), Rodopi, pp. 157-167. ISBN 978-9042-01405-3 [Book section]


Wmffre, Iwan (2001) Is societal bilingualism sustainable?: reflections and indications from the Celtic countries. In: Migration, Minorities, Compensation: Issues of Cultural Identity in Europe. (Eds: Eberhardt, Helmut and Wolf-Knuts, Ulrika), Coimbra Group Working Party for Folklore and European Ethnology, pp. 121-142. ISBN 000000000 [Book section]


Hegner, SJ, McKevitt, P, Norvig, P and Wilensky, R, eds. (2001) Intelligent Help Systems for UNIX. (International Conference on Knowledge Representation in the UNIX Help Domain). Berlin, Germany. 424 pp. Springer. ISBN 978-0-7923-6641-6 [Book (edited)]

Joseph, Paul and Ebdon, John, R (2001) Recent developments in flame-retarding thermoplastics. In: Fire retardant materials. (Eds: Horrocks, A. R and Price, D), Woodhead Publishing Limited, pp. 220-263. ISBN 1 85573 419 2 [Book section]

Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Beyond L’Amour de l’Art: Youth, Cultural Democracy and Europe. In: Testing the Water: Young People and Galleries. (Eds: Horlack, Naomi), Tate Gallery/ Liverpool University Press, pp. 39-47. ISBN 978-0853239048 [Book section]


Ingold, A, McMahon-Beattie, Una and Yeoman, I, eds. (2001) Yield Management: Strategies for the Service Industries. London. 1 pp. Thompson Learning. ISBN 0-8264-4825-9 [Book (edited)]


Loane, Sharon, McNaughton, Rod and Bell, James (2001) The Internationalisation Trajectories of Internet Start-ups: Evidence from Ireland. In: 4th McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, Glasgow. University of Strathcylde. Vol 2 220 pp. [Conference contribution]

Scharf, Fred, Bell, James, Loane, Sharon and Fletcher, Richard (2001) Perils and Pitfalls on the Internationalisation Pathways of Small Entrepreneurial Firms. In: 4th McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, Researching New Frontiers, Glasgow. University of Strathcylde. Vol 1 118 pp. [Conference contribution]


Kelly, William, ed. (2001) The Sieges of Derry, Four Courts Press, (Dublin 2001). ISBN: 1-85182-510-X. 170 pp. Four Courts Press. ISBN 1-85182-510-X [Book (edited)]

Kelly, William P., ed. (2001) The Sieges of Derry. Dublin. 144 pp. Four Courts Press. ISBN ISBN 1-85182-510-X [Book (edited)]

Devlin Trew, Johanne (2001) Ottawa Valley Irish: Place, culture and identity. In: Ottawa - Making a capital : Construire une capitale. (Eds: Keshen, Jeff and St-Onge, Nicole), University of Ottawa Press, pp. 223-237. ISBN 0776605216 [Book section]

Kelly, William (2001) ‘The Forgotten Siege of Derry, 1649.' :. In: The Sieges of Derry. (Eds: Kelly, Willam), Four Courts Press, pp. 31-52. ISBN 1-85182-510-X. [Book section]

Odeyinka, Henry and Lowe, John (2001) An Analysis of the Impacts of Risks and Uncertainties on Construction Cash Flow Forecast. In: RICS COBRA Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Vol 1 (1) 11 pp. [Conference contribution]


Kourkoutas, Y, Dimitropoulou,, S, Marchant, R, Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam, Banat, IM, Kioseoglou, V, Psarianos,, C and Koutinas,, AA (2001) Whey liquid waste of dairy industry as raw material for fermentation with the thermophilic Kluyveromyces marxianus IMB3. In: Proceedings 7th International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology Sept 2001,. (Eds: Lekkas, T.D.), University of the AEGEAN, Global Nest,, University of the AEGEAN, pp. 226-233.. ISBN AEGEAN, [Book section]

Naughton (nee Lesniewska), Violetta, Laerke, H. N., Hedemann, M.S. and Jensen, B. B. (2001) Effect of intraduodenal infusion of lactic and formic acid on pancreatic juice secretion and antroduodenal myoelectric activity in piglets after weaning. In: Digestive Physiology of Pigs. (Eds: Lindberg, J. E. and Ogle, B.), CABI, pp. 215-217. ISBN 0851995179 [Book section]


McLoone, Martin (2001) Internal Decolonisation? British Cinema in the Celtic Fringe. In: The British Cinema Book (Second Edition). (Eds: Murphy, Robert), British Film Institute, pp. 184-190. ISBN 0-85170-851-X [Book section]

Rooney, Nuala (2001) Making House into Home: Interior Design in Hong Kong Public Housing. In: Consuming Hong Kong. (Eds: Mathews, Gordon and Lui, Tak-Lok), Hong Kong University Press, pp. 47-79. ISBN 962 209 546 1 [Book section]


Kockel, Ullrich (2001) Nationality, Identity, Citizenship: Reflecting on Europe at Drumcree Parish Church. In: Europe as a Cultural Construction and Reality. (Eds: Niedermüller, Peter and Stoklund, Bjarne), Museum Tusculanum Press, pp. 97-108. ISBN 8772896221 [Book section]


Breen, Colin and Callaghan, Claire (2001) The archaeology of post-medieval shipwrecks, harbours and Lighthouses. In: Farmers, Foragers and Fishermen on the Shannon Estuary. (Eds: O'Sullivan, Aidan), Royal Irish Academy, pp. 233-251. ISBN 1-874045-85-2 [Book section]


Adair, AS, McGreal, WS and Young, J (2001) The Changing Housing Market. In: Housing in Northern Ireland - and comparisons with the Republic of Ireland. (Eds: Paris, C), Chartered Institute of Housing, pp. 63-77. ISBN 1 903208 01 7 [Book section]

Gray, Paddy and Campbell, Lorraine (2001) Managing Social Housing in N. Ireland. In: Housing in Northern Ireland - and comparisons with the Republic of Ireland. (Eds: Paris, Chris), Chartered Institute of Housing, pp. 93-111. ISBN 1 903208 01 7 [Book section]

Saetzler, Kurt (2001) 3-D Rekonstruktion von Serienschnitten. In: Forschung und wissenschaftliches Rechnen, Beiträge zum Heinz-Billing-Preis 2000. (Eds: Plesser, T. and Hayd, H.), GWDG, pp. 31-47. ISBN 0176-2516 [Book section]


Kelly, William (2001) 'Forlorn Alliances, The Ulster Army and the Battle of Scarrifhollis'. In: Scarrifhollis. (Eds: Ronayne, Liam), Donegal Library, pp. 27-40. ISBN 0-95084-076-9 [Book section]

Naughton (nee Lesniewska), Violetta (2001) Feed acidifies for weaned piglets - effects on selected physiological parameters of GI tract. [Scholarly edition]


Smyth, M and Robinson, Gillian, eds. (2001) Researching Violently Divided Societies. Tokyo. 227 pp. United Nations University Press. ISBN 0745318207 [Book (edited)]

Gillespie, John H (2001) Fictions et théologie dans La Symphonie pastorale. In: Le Désir à l'oeuvre: André Gide à Cambridge 1918, 1998. (Eds: Segal, Naomi), Rodopi, pp. 237-263. ISBN 90-420-1424-5 [Book section]


Morrow, Norman and Hargie, Owen (2001) Effective Communication. In: Pharmacy Practice. (Eds: Taylor, Kevin and Harding, Geoffrey), Taylor & Francis, London., pp. 227-248. ISBN 0415271584 (hbk); 0415271592 (pbk) [Book section]


Knox, Colin (2001) A civil service and a civil society. In: Agreeing to Disagree: A guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly. (Eds: Wilson, Robin), The Stationery Office, pp. 156-165. ISBN 0114972575 [Book section]

Price, Dennis, Cunliffe, L. K, Bullett, K. J, Hull, T. R, Milnes, J. G, Ebdon, J. R, Hunt, B. J and Joseph, P (2001) Mechanisms of Flame Retardant Behavior of Covalently Bonded Phosphorus in Poly(methyl methacrylates). In: Fire and Polymers IV: Materials and Concepts for Hazard Prevention. (Eds: Wilkie, Charles, A and Nelson, Gordon, L), American Chemical Society, pp. 252-265. ISBN 0-8412-3948-7 [Book section]

Ryan, Stephen (2001) Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. In: Issues in World Politics 2nd edition. (Eds: White, Brian, Little, Richard and Smith, Michael), Palgrave, pp. 133-152. ISBN 0-333-80402-3 [Book section]


Kelly, William (2001) 'John Barry, an Irish Catholic Royalist in the 1640's',. In: Kingdoms in Crisis, Ireland in the 1640's. (Eds: Ó Siochrú, Mícheál), Four Courts Press, pp. 141-157. ISBN 1-85182-535-S [Book section]

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