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Alonso, Ignacio and Cooper, Andrew, eds. (2006) Coastal Geomorphology in Spain. 128 pp. Coastal Education and Research Foundation. ISBN 0749-0208 [Book (edited)]

Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2006) Globalization and the Human Rights Approach to Development. In: Development as a Human Right. (Eds: Andreassen, B A and Marks, S), Harvard School of Public Health, pp. 254-273. ISBN 0674021215 [Book section]

Osmani, Siddiqur, R. (2006) Delivering Basic Health Services in Bangladesh: A View from the Human Rights Perspective. In: Growth and Poverty: The Development Experience in Bangladesh. (Eds: Ahmed, S and Mahmud, W), University Press Limited, pp. 152-169. ISBN 9840517554 [Book section]


Barjis, Joseph, Augusto, Juan C. and Ultes-Nitsche, Ulrich, eds. (2006) Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems held during ICEIS'06, Paphos (Cyprus). 209 pp. INSTICC. ISBN 978-972-8865-49-8 [Book (edited)]

Byron, Reginald and Kockel, Ullrich, eds. (2006) Negotiating Culture: Moving, Mixing and Memory in Contemporary Europe. 209 pp. LIT Verlag. ISBN 3825884104 [Book (edited)]

Armstrong, Gillian, McMahon-Beattie, Una and Greenan, K (2006) Work-Based Learning in the University of Ulster: Embedding Employability in Business Studies. In: Enhancing Employability in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Sport. (Eds: Becket, N and Kemp, P), Thresshold Press, Berkshire, pp. 71-77. ISBN 903152-15-1 [Book section]

Black, JA and Boyd, JL (2006) Ground improvement by vibrated stone columns: case histories within Ireland. In: Geotechnical Engineering - New Frontiers and Challenges. (Eds: Black, JA and Sivakumar, V), The Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom, pp. 42-46. ISBN 0 85 38990 53 [Book section]

Campbell, G, Lunney, TF, McCaughey, A and McKevitt, P (2006) A new approach to decision-making within an Intelligent MultiMedia distributed platform hub. In: Proc. of the 17th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS-06), School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Queen's University Belfast (QUB), Belfast, Northern Ireland. Queen's University Belfast (QUB). 10 pp. [Conference contribution]

Kockel, Ullrich and Byron, Reginald (2006) Negotiating Culture: An Introduction. In: Negotiating Culture: Moving, Mixing and Memory in Contemporary Europe. (Eds: Byron, Reginald and Kockel, Ullrich), LIT Verlag, pp. 1-17. ISBN 9783825884109 [Book section]

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MacRaild, Donald and Belchem, John C. (2006) Cosmopolitan Liverpool. In: Liverpool 800: Culture, Character and History. (Eds: Belchem, John C.), Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 811-392. ISBN 9781846310355 [Book section]

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Fitzpatrick, Lisa (2006) Language Games: The Pillowman, A Skull in Connemara, and Martin McDonagh's Irish-English. In: A World of Savage Stories: The Theatre of Martin McDonagh. (Eds: Chambers, Lilian and Jordan, Eamonn), Carysfort Press, pp. 141-154. ISBN 1-904505-19-8 [Book section]

Magee, Justin, Winder, John and Mcclelland, Brian (2006) Discovering Skeletal Joe Median. In: Humanizing Work and Work Environments (HWWE) 2005, Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. Allied Publishers Private Ltd.. 9 pp. [Conference contribution]

McClean, Stephen, Hagan, W. Paul, Ruddick, J. David and Adams, Keith R. (2006) Supporting First-Year Chemistry for Students of Bioscience. In: Supporting Students Though Course Design. (Eds: Cook, Tony, Rushton, Brian S. and Macintosh, Katrina A), Ulster University, Coleraine, UK, pp. 83-97. ISBN N/A [Book section]

Wu, Qingxiang, McGinnity, TM, Prasad, G, Bell, D and Glackin, Brendan (2006) Multi-knowledge Approach for Mobile Robot Identification of a Changing Environment. In: European robotic symposium 2006. (Eds: Christensen, H), Springer, pp. 171-180. ISBN 978-3-540-32688-5 [Book section]


de Brún, Fionntán, ed. (2006) Belfast and the Irish Language. 216 pp. Four Courts Press. ISBN 1-85182-939-3 [Book (edited)]

McGrath, Conor (2006) Grass Roots Lobbying: Marketing Politics and Policy. In: Winning Elections with Political Marketing. (Eds: Davies, Philip and Newman, Bruce), Haworth Press, Binghamton, pp. 105-130. ISBN 0-7890-3370-4 [Book section]

Razzaque, MA, Dobson, S and Nixon, Patrick (2006) A cross-layer architecture for autonomic communications. In: Autonomic Networking, Paris. Springer-Verlag. 11 pp. [Conference contribution]

Winder, John, McKnight, Wesley, Golz, Tobias, Giese, Alf and Busch, Luder (2006) Comparison of Custom Cranial Implant Source Data: Manual, Mirrored and CAD generated skull surfaces. In: Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention, Copenhagen. MICCAI. 98 pp. [Conference contribution]


Henry, James, Bell, James and Loane, Sharon (2006) International Entrepreneurship in New Zealand: The Kiwi Experience. In: The Fifth Biennial McGill Conference on NEW FRONTIERS IN INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Mc Gill University. 300 pp. [Conference contribution]

Ó Dochartaigh, Pól (2006) Erich Fried – Poetik des Menschseins. In: Shoah in der deutschsprachigen Literatur. (Eds: Eke, Norbert Otto and Steinecke, Hartmut), Erich Schmidt Verlag, pp. 280-285. ISBN 9783503079766 [Book section]


Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (2006) The Novel and the Northern Troubles. In: The Cambridge Companion to the Irish Novel. (Eds: Foster, John Wilson), Cambridge University Press, pp. 238-259. ISBN 13 978 - 0 -521- 86191 - 5; 10 0-521-86191-8; 13 978-0-521-67996-1; 10 0-521-67996-6 [Book section]

McLaughlin, Gregory (2006) ‘Profits, Politics and Paramilitaries: The Local Media in Northern Ireland’. In: Local Media and Local Journalism: Making the Local News. (Eds: Franklin, Bob), Routledge, pp. 60-69. ISBN 0415379539 [Book section]


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Rikala, Taina (2006) 'New Towns: Lost Knowledge' invited symposium lecture: Concrete Thoughts, University of Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery (17 December 2006). In: Concrete thoughts, Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester. University of Manchester. [Conference contribution]


Hargie, Owen, ed. (2006) The Handbook of Communication Skills. 586 pp. Routledge, London.. ISBN 9780415359108 (hbk); 9780415359115 (pbk) [Book (edited)]

Harris, DMJ, Morgan, M, Ahmed, W and Clarke, RB, eds. (2006) Innovations in Manufacturing. (Proceedings of the 23rd International Manufacturing Conference). Belfast. 1 pp. University of Ulster. ISBN na [Book (edited)]

Bell, Christine (2006) Human Rights, Peace Agreements and Conflict Resolution: Negotiating Justice in Northern Ireland. In: Human Rights and Conflict: Exploring Links Between Rights, Law and Peacebuilding. (Eds: Hesling, J and Mertus, J), United States Institute of Peace, pp. 345-376. ISBN 978-1-929223-77-0 [Book section]

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Hargie, Owen (2006) Skill in Theory: Communication as Skilled Behaviour. In: The Handbook of Communication Skills. (Eds: Hargie, Owen), Routledge, London, pp. 7-36. ISBN 9780415359108 (hbk); 9780415359115 (pbk) [Book section]

Hargie, Owen (2006) Training in Communication Skills: Research, Theory and Practice. In: The Handbook of Communication Skills. (Eds: Hargie, Owen), Routledge, London, pp. 553-565. ISBN 9780415359108 (hbk); 9780415359115 (pbk) [Book section]

McKnight, Wesley and Winder, John (2006) Rapid development and manufacture of titanium implants for patients with large cranial defects. In: Innovations in Manufacturing, 23rd International Manufacturing Conference, University of Ulster, United Kingdom. University of Ulster. 7 pp. [Conference contribution]

Rooney, Eilish and Hill, Myrtle (2006) Representation and Responsibility: Women in Northern Ireland/ the North of Ireland: A Conversation in Descant. In: Representation and Responsibility: New Essays in Irish Studies. (Eds: Huber, Werner, Schwall, Hedwig, Maignant, Catherina and Boss Trier, Michael), WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, pp. 1-10. ISBN 978-3-88476-998-0 [Book section]

Wu, Qingxiang, Prasad, G, McGinnity, TM, Bell, D, Zhong, S and Guan, J (2006) A Novel Discretizer for Knowledge Discovery Based on Multiknowledge Approaches. In: Intelligent Control and Automation: International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006, Kunming, China. (Eds: Huang, DS, Li, K and Irwin, GW), Springer, pp. 778-783. ISBN 9783540372578 [Book section]


Osmani, Siddiqur R. (2006) Exploring the Employment Nexus: The Analytics of Pro-poor Growth. In: Fighting Poverty: The Development-Employment Link. (Eds: Islam, R), Lynne Rienner, pp. 9-29. ISBN 1588263967 [Book section]


Jedrzejewski, Jan (2006) Thomas Hardy: Tessa d'Urberville. [Scholarly edition]


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Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer, ed. (2006) Irish Fiction Since the 1960s. Gerrards Cross. 339 pp. Colin Smythe. ISBN 10:0-86140-427-0 [Book (edited)]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer, ed. (2006) Irish Fiction since the 1960s. 339 pp. Colin Smythe Ltd.. ISBN 10: 0-86140-427-0; 13: 978-0-86140-427-8 [Book (edited)]

Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer, ed. (2006) Paul Muldoon: Poetry, Prose, Drama. 291 pp. Colin Smythe Ltd. ISBN 0-86140-459-9 [Book (edited)]

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Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer (2006) Introducing Paul Muldoon: 'Arbitrary and Contrary'. In: Paul Muldoon: Poetry, Prose, Drama: A Collection of Critical Essays. (Eds: Kennedy-Andrews, Elmer), Colin Smythe, pp. 1-18. ISBN 0-86140-459-9 [Book section]

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Pritchard, Rosalind (2006) “Erziehungswissenschaften auf dem Weg zur Globalisierung: Hochschullehrer und Studenten im Vergleich Großbritannien und Deutschland” [Educational Sciences on the Way to Globalisation: HE Teachers and Students in GB and FRG Compared]. In: Datenreport Erziehungswissenschaft. (Eds: Kraul,, M., Merkens, H. and Tippelt, R.), VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften and GWV Fachverlage., Wiesbaden, pp. 41-66. ISBN 3-531-15081-2 [Book section]

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Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria and Wood, johnathan, eds. (2006) Carola Giedion-Welcker conference proceedings. (Giedion-Welcker conference, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds). Leeds. . Henry Moore Institute. ISBN - [Book (edited)]

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Mac Mathúna, Séamus and Fomin, Maxim, eds. (2006) Parallels between Celtic and Slavic: Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Links and Parallels between Celtic and Slavic Traditions held at the University of Ulster, Coleraine, 19-21 June 2005. Studia Celto-Slavica 1. (First International Colloquium on Links and Parallels between Celtic and Slavic Traditions held at the University of Ulster, Coleraine, 19-21 June 2005). Coleraine: TSO Publishers. 334 pp. Studia Celto-Slavica. ISBN 978-0-33-708836-0 [Book (edited)]

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