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Augusto, Juan C., Barjis, Joseph and Ultes-Nitsche, Ulrich, eds. (2007) Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems. 181 pp. INSTICC Press. ISBN 978-972-8865-95-5 [Book (edited)]

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Tridimas, George and Tridimas, Takis (2007) Electorates V Politicians: The 2005 French and Dutch Referendums on the EU Constitutional Treaty. In: ‘The European Constitution and national Constitutions: Ratification and Beyond’. (Eds: Albi, Anneli and Ziller, Jacques), Kluwer Law International, pp. 273-285. ISBN 90-411-2524-8 [Book section]

Ye, J, Coyle, L, Dobson, S and Nixon, Patrick (2007) Using Situation Lattices to Model and Reason about Context. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Modelling and Reasoning in Context (MRC 2007), Roskilde University, Denmark. Computer Science, Roskilde University. 12 pp. [Conference contribution]


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Buckley, Anthony D., Mac Cárthaigh, Críostóir, Ó Catháin, Séamas and Mac Mathúna, Séamus, eds. (2007) Border-Crossing: Mumming in Cross-Border and Cross-Community Contexts. 330 pp. Dundalgan Press Ltd. ISBN 0=85221-147-7 [Book (edited)]

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De Ornellas, Kevin (2007) ‘“Fowle Foules”?: The Sacred Pelican and the Profane Cormorant in Early Modern Culture’. In: A Cultural History of Animals in the Renaissance. (Eds: Boehrer, Bruce), Berg, Oxford, pp. 27-52. ISBN 9781845203955 [Book section]

Kitchin, Paul (2007) Understanding the sports marketing environment. In: The Marketing of Sport. (Eds: Beech, John and Chadwick, Simon), FT Prentice Hall, pp. 61-82. ISBN 027368826X [Book section]

Martínez, L, Pérez, LG and Liu, J (2007) A linguistic decision based model applied to olive oil sensory evaluation. In: Fuzzy Sets and Their Extensions: Representation, Aggregation and Models, in Book Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. (Eds: Bustince, H, Montero, J and Herrera, F), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 317-334. ISBN 978-3-540-73722-3 [Book section]

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McKenzie, Paul, Cooper, Alan and McCann, Thomas (2007) Monitoring Patterns of Land Cover Change in Cultural Irish Landscapes Using Landscape Metrics And SPOT 5 Imagery. In: 7th International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) World Congress, Wageningen, The Netherlands. IALE Publication Series. Vol 1 660 pp. [Conference contribution]

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Odeyinka, H (2007) Modelling risk impacts on the budgeted cost of traditionally procured building projects. In: The 23rd Annual ARCOM Conference, University of Ulster, Belfast. Association of Researchers in Construction Management. 9 pp. [Conference contribution]

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Odeyinka, Henry and Ojo, G (2007) A conceptual framework for assessing risk impacts on clients' cash flow. In: The 3rd Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built &Natural Environment (PRoBE), Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow. Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK.. 10 pp. [Conference contribution]


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