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Abdelkader, Dalia H., Osman, Mohamed A., El-Gizawy, Sanaa A., Hawthorne, Susan, Faheem, Ahmed M. and McCarron, Paul A. (2018) Effect of poly(ethylene glycol) on insulin stability and cutaneous cell proliferation in vitro following cytoplasmic delivery of insulin-loaded nanoparticulate carriers – a potential topical wound management approach. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 114 . pp. 372-384. [Journal article]

Acton, Ciaran and Hassan, David (2018) Introduction: Sport and contested identities. In: Sport and Contested Identities. Routledge, pp. 1-8. ISBN 978-1-138-69668-6 [Book section]


Breen, C and Lane, P.J. (2018) The eastern African coastal landscape. In: The Swahili World. (Eds: Wynne-Jones, S and LaViolette, A), Routledge, pp. 19-35. ISBN 978-1-138-91346-2 [Book section]

Byrne, R, Hewitt, N, Griffiths, P and MacArtain, P (2018) Observed site obstacle impacts on the energy performance of a large scale urban wind turbine using an electrical energy rose. Energy for Sustainable Development, 43 . pp. 23-37. [Journal article]


Callaghan, MJ, McShane, Niall, Gómez Eguíluz, Augusto and Savin-Baden, Maggi (2018) Extending the Activity Theory Based Model for Serious Games Design in Engineering to Integrate Analytics. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 8 (2). pp. 1-16. [Journal article]

Carlin, Angela, Murphy, Marie, Nevill, Alan and Gallagher, Alison (2018) Effects of a peer-led Walking In ScHools intervention (the WISH study) on physical activity levels of adolescent girls. Trials, 19:31 . [Journal article]

Contractor, Ateka, Caldas, Stephanie, Weiss, Nicole and Armour, Cherie (2018) Examination of the heterogeneity in PTSD and impulsivity facets: A latent profile analysis. Personality and Individual Differences, 125 . pp. 1-9. [Journal article]

Coyles, David (2018) The Security-Threat-Community. City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 21 (6). NA-NA. [Journal article]


Doherty, Julie, Giles, Melanie, Gallagher, Alison and Simpson, Ellen EA (2018) Understanding pre-, peri-, and post-menopausal women's intentions to perform muscle strengthening activities using the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Maturitas, 109 . pp. 89-96. [Journal article]


Fried, Eiko I., Eidhof, Marloes B., Palic, Sabina, Costantini, Giulio, Huisman-van Dijk, Hilde M., Bockting, Claudi L. H., Engelhard, Iris, Armour, Cherie, Nielsen, Anni B. S. and Karstoft, Karen-Inge (2018) Replicability and Generalizability of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Networks: A Cross-Cultural Multisite Study of PTSD Symptoms in Four Trauma Patient Samples. Clinical Psychological Science . pp. 1-17. [Journal article]

Felix Durach, Christian F and Wiengarten, Frank (2018) Exploring the impact of geographical traits on the occurrence of supply chain failures. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 22 (2). [Journal article]


Gray, Phillip, Murphy, Marie, Gallagher, Alison and Simpson, Ellen EA (2018) A Qualitative Investigation of Physical Activity Compensation Among Older Adults. British Journal of Health Psychology, 23 (1). pp. 208-224. [Journal article]


Horning, Audrey and Breen, C (2018) In the aftermath of violence: heritage and conflict transformation in Northern Ireland. In: Post-Conflict Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. (Eds: Newson, Paul and Young, Ruth), Routledge, pp. 180-196. ISBN 9781315472737 [Book section]


Khan, D, Vasu, Srividya, Moffett, Charlotte, Irwin, Nigel and Flatt, Peter (2018) Expression of Gastrin Family Peptides in Pancreatic Islets and Their Role in β-Cell Function and Survival. Pancreas, N/A . xx-xx. [Journal article]

Kitchin, P J (2018) Using a dual-sited organizational ethnography to examine change within and between community sport organizations. Managing Sport and Leisure . pp. 1-16. [Journal article]


Lasslett, Kristian (2018) The Crimes of Urbanisation: Researching Corruption, Violence and Urban Conflict. Routledge. Abingdon. 254 pp ISBN 9781138120327 [Book (authored)]

Lasslett, Kristian and MacManus, Thomas (2018) Crimes of the Powerful in the Global South: ‘State Failure’ as Elite Success. In: Palgrave Handbook on Criminology and the Global South. (Eds: Carrington, Kerry, Hogg, Russell, John, Scott and Maximo, Sozzo), Palgrave Macmillan, London, ---. ISBN 978-3-319-65021-0 [Book section]

Lightbody, Gaye, Brennan, Chris, McCullagh, Paul and Galway, Leo (2018) Eye gaze collaboration with Brain-Computer Interfaces – using both modalities for more robust interaction. In: BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACES HANDBOOK Technological and Theoretical Advances. (Eds: Nam, Chang S., Nijholt, Anton and Lotte, Fabien), CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), pp. 1-31. ISBN 9781498773430 [Book section]

Lockwood, T, Coffee, N, Rossini, P, Niyonsenga, P and McGreal, WS (2018) Does where you live influence your socio-economic status? Land Use Policy, 72 . pp. 152-160. [Journal article]


McCully, Alan (2018) teaching History and Educating for Citizenship: Allies or "Uneasy Bedfellows" in a Post-Conflict Context? In: Teaching and learning Difficult Histories in International Contexts: a critical sciocultural approach. (Eds: Epstein, Terrie and Peck, Carla L), Routledge, New York / London, pp. 160-174. ISBN 978-1-138-70247-9 [Book section]

McHugh, Christopher (2018) Created in Conflict: British Soldier Art from Crimean War to TodayAt Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park, 17 March – 10 June 2018. Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park. [Exhibition]

McNamara, Robert and de Meneses, Filipe Riberio (2018) The White Redoubt, the Great Powers and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1960–1980. Palgrave Macmillan UK. London. 401 pp ISBN 978-1-137-44757-9 [Book (authored)]

Mellander, P.-E., Jordan, P., Bechmann, B, Fovet, O., Shore, M., McDonald, N.T. and Gascuel-Odoux, C. (2018) Integrated climate-chemical indicators of diffuse pollution from land to water. Scientific Reports, 8 . pp. 1-10. [Journal article]

Moss, Roger, Shire, Stan, Eames, Phillip, Henshall, Paul, Hyde, Trevor and Arya, Farid (2018) Design and commissioning of a virtual image solar simulator for testing thermal collectors. Solar Energy, 159 . pp. 234-242. [Journal article]

Murray, Conor and Hassan, David (2018) The Good Friday dis-agreement: sport and contested identities in Northern Ireland since 1998. In: Sport and contested identities. Routledge, pp. 30-48. ISBN 978-1-138-69668-6 [Book section]


Ramsey, Phil (2018) Ireland: in search of reform for public service media funding. In: Transparency and Funding of Public Service Media: deutsche Debatte im internationalen Kontex. Springer VS, pp. 77-90. ISBN 3658179961 [Book section]

Ramsey, Phil and Waterhouse-Bradley, Bethany (2018) Cultural Policy in Northern Ireland: making cultural policy for a divided society. In: The Routledge Handbook of Global Cultural Policy. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 195-211. ISBN 9781138857827 [Book section]

Rawlinson, Sean, McLister, Anna, Kanyong, Prosper and Davis, James (2018) Rapid Determination of Salicylic Acid at Screen Printed Electrodes. Microchemical Journal, 137 . pp. 71-77. [Journal article]

Russell, Deborrah, Álvarez Gallardo, Inmaculada C, Wilson, Iseult M., Hughes, Ciara M, Davison, Gareth W, Sañudo, Borja and McVeigh, Joseph G (2018) ‘Exercise to me is a scary word’: Perceptions of fatigue, sleep dysfunction and exercise in people with fibromyalgia syndrome: a focus group study. Rheumatology International, tbc . [Journal article]


Vasiliki, Schoina, Terpou, Antonia, Bosnea, Loulouda, Kanellaki, Maria and Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam (2018) Entrapment of Lactobacillus casei ATCC393 in the viscus matrix of Pistaciaterebinthus resin for functional myzithra cheese manufacture. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 89 . pp. 441-448. [Journal article]

Vasiliki, Schoina, Terpou, Antonia, Bosnea, Loulouda, Kanellaki, Maria and Singh - Nee Nigam, Poonam (2018) Entrapment of Lactobacillus casei ATCC393 in the viscus matrix of Pistaciaterebinthus resin for functional myzithra cheese manufacture. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 89 . pp. 441-448. [Journal article]


Zhang, Jing, Xu, Li, Tsai, Pei-Wei and Lin, Zhiwei (2018) Minimization of Delay and Collision with Cross Cube Spanning Tree in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless Networks, 1 . pp. 1-29. [Journal article]


Ó Ciardha, Éamonn (2018) “An Chaoimhniadh Chomhachtaigh agus Séamus an Chaca”: (Worthy Knight/Worthless Shite), James II and his war in Irish Vernacular Literature and Folk Memory. In: Rhythms of Revolt: European Traditions and Memories of Social Conflict and Oral Culture. (Eds: Guillorel, Eva, Hopkin, David and Pooley, William G.), Routledge, Abingdon Oxford, pp. 217-240. ISBN 978-1-138-20504-8 [Book section]

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